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Our website introduces holidays to the world. We research National Holidays & International Holidays. We gather information on Commemorative Observancessocial events, festivals, & pass our finding on to you.  Join us each month for an in-dept look at the history of each holiday, traditions, traditional recipes and why they are celebrated. We list everything from Weird National Holidays,  Food Holidays, to Religious Holidays too.
Our Articles & Recipes help you prepare for upcoming Celebrations.
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A taste of June Holidays
Carpenter Ant Awareness Week - June 23-29, 2019 (Last Full Week of June)

Fish are Friends, Not Food Week! - June 23-29, 2019 (Last week of June)

International Listening Week - June 20-23, 2018 (2019 TBA

Meet a Mate Week - June 18-24

National Craft Spirits Week - June 16-22, 2019 (Third Week in June)

National Hermit Week - June 13-20

National Hug Holiday Week - Third Week of June

National Lightning Safety Awareness Week - June 23-29, 2019 (Last Full Week of June)

National Mosquito Control Awareness Week - June 23-29, 2019 (Last Full Week in June)

National Nursing Assistants Week - June 13-20, 2019

National Pollinator Week - June 17-23, 2019

National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness - June 27 - July 4, 2019
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The Fun Ways We "Flag It" on 4th Of July!

Here we go! "Flag it" for Independence Day. Just for U! This video is about "The fun ways we "Flag It" on 4th of July. Everybody get's in the flagging spirit. 

Our latest Youtube video!

The Birthday Party for America! 

Guys it's time to start planning NOW! I've made a video about some key planning tips for the 4th of July. The video starts off with family and friends celebrating Independence Day. The key thing to remember about the 4th of July is.... It's the Birthday Party for America! And that means... Here's the "Best Gift for Dads who Love to Grill!"