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What is this website about?
This website is a directory for observances & events that's celebrated World wide, Nationally and Internationally. It's a directory for Food Holidays, day, week and month observances, and holidays most of us didn't even know existed. In fact our most visited pages are those from our directory of Weird, wild & wacky Holidays.

In our pages you can find the history of a holiday,
lists of traditional foods that's  part of popular
celebrations, and even informations about the
countries who celebrates it. We even have a
"recipe directory" that lists the most popular
recipes and cooking tips to help pass on your
own holiday traditions. We will list all traditions
that go along with each holiday and even give
you a few tips on party planning too.

What's the goal of this website?
We hope to be an encouragement to readers. We
would like everyone to take the time to celebrate the holidays and share them with all your friends, family, work mates and neighbors. Not only is our goal to spread the word about holiday observances; but we encourage everyone to take the time to "Live everyday like a holiday." :)

To help pass on the holiday cheer, were even an affiliate of 123greeting.com so you yourself can send free Internet Greeting to all your love ones.

"Be Entertained by our Holiday Directory!"
All throughout our pages you will find all sorts of things that will keep you entertained while you read.  Everything from updating Headline News to jokes.  Everything from daily history to Games.  You name it and you will find it on our pages.  The best part is..... our pages update all the time so you are sure to get something new to read each and every time you visit.

Our site has everything from the Wow to the Weird! 
Everything from wild animals facts to aquatic life too. So go get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee or that nice cold glass of tea and settle yourself in.  Each Section of our website is devoted to something different and your sure to get the Freshest Content that updates Daily, Weekly, and Monthly!  And......the best part is, its all Fun and Free!

Family Safe Site!
No religion; sexual content; illicit drugs or narcotics; politics; anti-government/anti-american sentiment.

Amateur Site
Our site is an Amateur site indeed.  (smileeeee)  We have no html training or website design training and we just learn as we go and do our very best that we can.  We know our site has flaws and bad grammar all over the place but that doesn't stop us from going full steam ahead with it!  ha ha ha ha! -   In fact..... if your new to the Internet and would like to build a site of your own, we say gooo for it!  We did and it's been one of the best things we ever did because we are here to tell you that amateurs can do it too!  Just look at us.  We started at the bottom and we are happy to say that our site is moving up the ranks in the Internet world and we love it!!  We do thank those of you who write us and tell us of our spelling mistakes.  We do appreciate it.  (wink)

Many parts of our site is based on real names of real people and real pets that have been a part of our life and have made fond memories for us.

******Rupid the frog*******
Rupid was an actual pet frog of mine (Pam's) when I was a young child.  Rupid was a special pet that was a part of my daily life.  I loved frogs as a child and still love frogs as a grown woman.  Rupid also had a friend frog that I named Drupid.  Rupid was a boy and Drupid was a girl.  Rupid was a wild frog of coarse but I always found him roaming around the flower beds.  There were many frogs outside of coarse but Rupid had a strange black markings under his neck that looked like an declination point.  This is how I always knew that it was Rupid my frog.  Ah those days of being a child.... how the memories are coming back to me.

******Leroy the fish*******
Leroy the fish was a actual fish..... a huge bass to be exact that lived under the pier on the lake where I (Pam)  use to live in Jacksonville Florida.  Leroy was about a 12 pounder and I feed the brim under the pier all the time which attracted Leroy.  When I did....Big bad Leroy would come up and have a snack.  Leroy was a pet and I made sure that everyone knew not to eat him if they caught him.  Leroy was big and bad and fast...... but I loved him anyway.  He patrolled the area every day.  He became so use to seeing me each day that he would come right up to me.  A very unusual site to see.
We witnessed Leroy sneak up under a new hatching of baby ducks one day and to our surprise he scooped up one in his mouth and ate it!!!!  I nearly passed out because I loved my ducks too.  That's why we called him big bad Leroy.

*******Glenda the duck*******
Glenda the duck was a duck that lived on the lake that we feed bread sometimes.  She loved scrambled eggs as well so on occasion I was known to cook her up a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast.  Well Glenda started showing up each and every day at breakfast time.  If I (Pam)  did not show up to feed her....well Glenda would come looking for me.  In hot Florida the doors and windows were left open most of the time which gave Glenda the best opportunity to come looking for her Pam.  Early one morning I forgot to go feed Glenda and went on to the bathroom and started taking a nice shower so I could head off to work.  Well Glenda the duck went looking for me.  Right in the middle of my shower a little Glenda ducks head popped up around the shower curtain.  Quackkkk Quackkk as if she was saying...thereeeee youuuu areeee!   It absolutely scared me to death!  Naturally she loves water so the running water of the shower didn't faze her at all.  To my suprise she hopped in the flow of the sprinckling water and started fluffing her featers and quacking away.  I thought to myself.... oh my gosh I've got a duck taking a shower with me!  hahahaha!  From then on Glenda would show up quacking in every room of the house when ever the opportunity would arise.  We really had to learn to close the doors when we knew she was around.

*******Maybell the cow*******
We never had a cow as a pet...but we named our sweet loving mascot of the "Cookin' With Coffee" section -In Loving Memory of my sweet loving Grandmother who's name was May Bell Leonard. The sweetest, most perfect grandmother any person could ever ask for.  We all miss her so very much.

Sheba the cat is my Mother's Siamese cat.  She is sly and sassy and mean!
ha ha ha ha ha   The prime example of what a Siamese cat is all about.

Coffee, tea or cocoa starts out each and every one of our day's.  It also ends each and every one of our day's.  So it was only natural that we based a section of our website on & around hot & cold drinks. As a young girl I always wanted my very own Tea House or Coffee Shop....but as fate would have it I never did get to open my own little drink shop of my very own.  So as an adult- as close as I could get to it was to design a neat website with pretty pictures of coffee and tea......and list all of my recipes that I collected over the years.

We both absolutely love to cook so we have collected up many many recipes from friends & family so we decided to put them all on our website and share them with everyone.
I myself am from the South (Alabama to be exact) so much of my recipes are southern style recipes. Although I  must say that I lived for several years in Florida where the cooking styles are a mix & mingle of culture so I did pick up a bit of a different style of cooking while living there for so many years. So alot of these recipes are my very own that I've tweaked to be my own style.

Stephen is from Australia & they do not celebrate Halloween ...so since he lives in the US now..  he has had to learn all about our American triditions.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year so for fun I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a Spooky section of our website!  We put tuns of spooky party recipes in along with lots of decorating ideas and many links to our favorite Halloween websites.  I do not see Halloween as being evil and I do not celebrate it as evil either.  Halloween is all in fun and fun is what I make it.

Resources:  This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article calendar / and other related pages. Top photo:
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