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This is the story of Stephen & Pam,
the owners of Gone-ta-Pott.com.
How they met- It is an Internet story
which we hope you will enjoy reading.
Why.....because it was a true Internet Connection!

Stephen lived in the state of Tasmania, Australia.  During his spare time he enjoyed playing golf and surfing the Internet. During his time surfing the Internet he grew a list of international friends from around the globe.

Pam lived in the state of Alabama, United States and she loved surfing the net and chatting online as well. Pam had a goal to get one online chat buddy from every country that she could. Stephen was her chat friend for Australia.

Pam and Stephen found themselves chatting to each other all the time online.  They found that they couldn't hardly wait until they heard that famous "chat friend online sound" so they could go talk to each other.  Soon they found themselves chatting more and more and more. 

Every single day Pam and Stephen made sure they set aside time to chat to each other. With each passing day the chat session grew longer and longer and longer.  Soon those long chats turned into dating!  Did you say dating???  Yep I sure did!  .... those chats turned into INTERNET DATEING.   That's right... there is such a thing as Internet dating. 

Stephen would send Pam an email and ask her out on a date just as if they were face to face.  Pam would reply with a yesss of course.  (Smileeeeeeee)  Stephen would let her know what time he would pick her up on the day they had choose to have an Internet date.  When that day and time came..... Pam would turn on the computer and wait for Stephen to come online and pick her up.  For fun and to make it seem more real..... Stephen would plan a restaurant that he would be taking her to.  (This of course was makebelieve)  but to make sure it seemed real Stephen would email different emails to Pam during the middle of the date with pictures and stuff on it to make it seem like a real date.

When the date was taking them out to a fancy restaurant Stephen would tell Pam ahead of time so she could dress appropriately.  As part of the date they would tell each other what the other was wearing.  Stephen would email the food menu to Pam during the date so she could choose from the menu what she wanted to order to eat. Then she would email it back to Stephen.  To made it more fun, Pam and Stephen would tell each other what their surrounding looked like in their minds.  Sometimes the date would be a candlelight table with a dim lit candle on it.... or sometimes they would sit themselves down in front of a beautiful glowing fireplace.  The waiter would come and pore their wine and they would take turns telling each other how their day went just as if they were actually sitting beside each other.

Naturally the date was planned way ahead of time so they could get all the pictures of food copied and ready to send.  It was nice to be sent flowers!  It was a picture of flowers of course.  This may seem silly to most people but it sure was romantic to them!!!  Ahhhh Internet dating was a special thing to them.  Smileeeeeee  They didn't even know what the other looked like for the longest time and they still fell in love.

Well....... you know how it goes.  Those chat cessions soon turned into telephone calls.  Once a week Stephen would call Pam and they would talk.

Then vacation time rolled around and Stephen planned to fly to American and meet Pam for the first time.  So he arranged his passport and the time off from his job as off he flew to America.

The very first time Stephen and Pam lay eyes on each other was in the middle of a rainstorm.  And in the middle of the poring rain they gave their first embrace.   smileeeeeeeee

Stephen stayed in America for 2 months with Pam until his vacation time ran out.  Then he had to fly back to Australia.  How very sad they were.  Not long after that Stephen asked Pam to marry him.  He sold his house in Tasmania and soon was on the plane again to America. 

Stephen and Pam were married on the bright sandy beaches' of Panama City Beach Florida. (America)  A place where Pam use to live many years before.  Their wedding was an outside wedding right on the shoreline at sundown.  It was hot.......bright.......the wind was blowing that beautiful shoreline breeze......and all was well with the world.

Well that's the short story of how Stephen and Pam meet on the Internet...dated on the Internet ....and got married.  

Stephen and Pam now live in the state of Alabama, United States.

You can see Pam and Stephens wedding pictures here
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