Welcome to my Halloween Home
It's frightening to be out on such a dark and stormy night.... isn't it?  But don't you worry yourself because you are welcome to my "Halloween Home".  Here at my Halloween Home there are lot's of things to occupy yourself with until the storm passes. But please don't pay any attention to the sounds that you may hear....or the shadow's that you may see.  The storm will play tricks on you......it will all be a figment of your imagination's I'm sure.  Now if you are ready ...... be my invited guest and visit my pages.

We have many secrets hiding at our Halloween Home.  We also have many secret rooms and surprises that's just waiting for you to explore.  Just knock on my door 3 times and come inside.  Mouse around and see what you can find. We have many facts about Halloween that might just keep you awake at night.  Trust in meee, trust in meee now....... and come inside.

Halloween Manor Fun

Hello visitors and thank you for visiting our spooky site.
If you are brave enough to go inside the Manor.... then we have a mystery game ready for you.  You take your place as the visitor of the Manor.  As you go from room to room you will find a story that is taking place.  As you read the story you will need to figure out what to do and how to do it.  Make sure you remember what you read.  Figure out what the mystery is.  You may need a pin and paper for this one.

Now let's brief you with the story.  You are a private investigator and you were driving down an old dirt road when a rain storm hit.  The road becomes extremely muddy from the storm and you become stuck in the mud.  You remember passing an old Manor just a mile or so back so you decide to walk through the rain to the house and see if you can't get some help. Ok go ahead.......  if your ready to get help then knock on the Manor door.

This Game is being updated.
New rooms are being added so.... check back with us at a later time.

Inside the Manor, there are 10 candles.  Can you name where all 10 are located?

This Game is being updated.
New rooms are being added so.... the candle count is going to change.
Please check back later.