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Did you know that you can experience a Haunted House through the Internet?
Its a great night to be scared! Have a  screaming good time now!  
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Haunted House
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Haunted House
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I am Tamara and I am the page keeper for this
Also see our DIRECTORY page on-  Haunted House's that you walk through. 
They are put on by local communities to make money up for good causes.
Also see theshadowlands.net for real haunted places all over the world.
A state by state, country by country index.

Do you have a "Haunted Virtual Tour" that you would like to see listed in our Directory?  If you do.... don't be scared to drop us your link by sending us your information through our Feedback Form.  We will be happy to place your link on this page in exchange for a link back to our site.

Haunted Mansion
Heavy Light
House of the
rising sun