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July Newsletter!
If you market your website by using Traffic Exchanges then here is a sharp Tiger Tip for you.  It's very important that you set yourself up a surfing schedule for each of your exchanges and "Stick To It."
We keep a 3x4 poster size "To Do Calendar" on the wall, right above our desk so we will be sure to see it.  (you know the old saying.... out of site out of mind)  If we don't see it, we forget about it so this way we make sure it hits us in the face every time we sit down. ha ha ha!  On our calendar we surf Traffic Exchanges every Thursday.  Now I know of many webmasters who surf 2 hours five days a week, but we prefer to surf all day long on Thursdays to help our traffic.  The point is, it doesn't matter what schedule you choose for yourself as long as you actually have one and you stick to it.  You absolutely have to have a system to your promoting so you can better understand where your traffic is coming from and when.  It's also good to have the names of each traffic exchange that you belong to written down because you are sure to forget about one if you don't.  Some sites have a rule that you have to surf so many times each month to stay active.  This is another reason why it is so important to have a schedule.  So make you one today!  It's a great Tiger Tip!

A few Traffic Exchanges that are on our weekly "Thursday" surfing schedule.
Picture Memory
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Letter From the Webmaster!
Helloooo it's meeeee Pam!
It's time for another Gone-ta-pott newsletter!
Well Gone-ta-pott newsletter gang, the weather is hot and just perfect for grilling out!  Stephen and I have been doing a lot of that lately.  We love anything and everything cooked on the grill and the more BBQ sauce the better!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Stephen and I bought ourselves a new gas grill a couple of months ago and we have been in hog heaven.   I say hog heaven because we have cooked enough pork on that thing to turn into one. hahahaha!  Hummm.... that give's me a great idea.  I think the theme of this months newsletter is going to be "Grilling."  So hold on to ya tongs and get ready for some great bbq fun ok.   Oh... we will still have a load of other subject matters in our newsletter as well so those of you who don't like to grill..... have no fear......  gone-ta-potts newsletter will have many other Internet subjects to keep you entertained.  (snicker~)

What's new on the Home Front
Well......  here in our newsletter we like to tell you a little bit about our lives so we can all feel like family.  Most of our readers ask us to share a little bit of ourselves so this is the part where we do a few lines of that.  Ha ha ha ha !   Today Stephen and I had the day off together and we spent it on the beach in Destin Florida.  We have a favorite eatin' place right on the water so we can watch all the sail boats go by and watch all the fishing boats return with their catch.  It's great fun and every chance that we can get to go there, we do.  The name of the place is  the "Lucky Snapper."  Have you ever heard of it?  If your ever there just look around and you may just see us stuffing our face with the great food that they serve there.  When we finish eating we like to walk the Harbor Docks and see the men tossing the fish off of the boats.  It's great fun!  Although I have to say that the fishieee smell is not that great.  (snicker~)

This week we have the truck in the shop and we are using a rental car.  I had the pleasure of getting rammed up the back end the other day while I was stopped for a school bus.  Unfortunately the person behind me didn't see the school bus and slammed into me.  What fun that was-

Stephen & I are both working our butts off still.  He works full time and I have finally dropped down to part time at the Resort where I work.  I will now have the needed time to manage our little website here.  It takes many hours a week to keep it all up-to-date and the more popular it gets.... the more time I need to manage it.   I really do love doing it.  We still have all 7 cats and we still love all 7 of them to piecesss.  They bring so much laughter to our lives till you just wouldn't believe it.  Only animal lovers will understand I'm sure.  hahahaha!

If you guys want to read more of what we have to say, then keep check on our blogger.  When we have some extra time we like to write a bit in it as well.  Now.... once you finish our newsletter please feel free to write a few lines in our "GuestBook" that is located at the bottom of this page ok.  Were all Internet friendly here so share with us as well.

Keep those letter coming in friends.  We love it.  Enjoy our newsletter!



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You Know your life has gone-ta-pott when....
You know your life has gone-ta-pott when you sit down to enjoy a few handfulls of your favorite chocolate covered peanuts......... and find that someone has sucked all the chocolate off and spit back all the peanuts.

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c. by: Pamela Price Svoboda
You jess don't see folks cookin this dish much anymore unless youins a oldtimer.  Maw still cooks it ferr me cause I loves it so.  Most mountain people jess loves molasses and this here dish has plenty in it.  The chillins even loves it in our family so why don't cha give it a try.

Here's what I figore ya need:
2 cups ah cornmeal
1 cup ah flour
2 well beaten eggs
1/4 cup ah shortenin
1 cup ah sorghum molasses
1/4 tsp. allspice
1 tsp. soda
1 tsp. salt
1 cup ah buttermilk

Maw says sift your meal first real good.  Mix all them dry ingredients real good too.  Add them eggs, milk, molasses and shortenin.  Mix um all together good.  Iffin its too stiff.... addin jess a bit more milk will do jess fine.  Bake in a well greased black cast iron skillet or what ever ya have.  Watch it get golden brown and when it does, poke it with a toothpick ta see iffin it comes out clean er not.  (Most mountain women keep toothpicks in their mouth at all time so this aint gone be no problem findin one)  Iffin the toothpick comes out clean den tha puddin is done. 

Servin Suggestions:
well..... we likes ta spread butter on it or in it and then sop up the juice from our baked beans when weins are havin a grillin day.  It tastes jess perfect!.  Them snooty valley people likes ta put fruit on top and eats it dat way.  Either way youins will like it.

Resource Box:
Author : Pamela Price Svoboda, webmaster of
From the Hillbilly Cookin' Collection located at

Readers we add a new Hillbilly Recipe each and every month to our newsletter!  If you would like to see all the Hillbilly Recipes for this whole year, then visit our HillBilly Cookin page.



Article of the month

Content IS King!
By Bruce Riddell | Published 01/20/2006 | Web Traffic , Writing | Unrated
There are literally thousands of website owners who use a very asimple technique to generate targeted visitors to their web sites without paying a dime in advertising! Yes, that statement sounds unbelieveable but it is true!
What is their method?
They create highly focused articles that they allow other people publish in their ezines (online magazines and email newsletters) or post on their websites. This method is very powerful! You may be asking yourself about now, "Why would an ezine publisher or website owner want to publish my articles for their subscribers?"
The answer is simple: Content!
There are over a 100,000 ezines and newsletters covering everything from A to Z. Many of them need tightly focused content and they don't have the time or inclination to produce it for themselves. You can get termendous exposure and traffic to your web site by providing valuable, content-rich articles in exchange for a "about the author" box and a link back to your website (sometimes called a "resource box")
The following represent only a few of the enormous benefitsof writing and distributing simple articles online:
1) Attain "Expert" Status
In the eyes of virtually everyone who reads your articles you rank as the "expert" on the subject.
2) Pre-sell Your Website Visitors
If your article appeals to a niche audience hungry for more information on a very focused subject, you actually can pre-sell them better than any sales pitch
3) Your Traffic Will Last Longer
The Internet changes very quickly and webmasters are usually very slow to remove content from their sites. Once you get an article posted on another person's website you have an excellent chance of that article staying there for weeks, months, even years.
4) Increase The Number Of Links To Your Web Site
In-bound links help in searchengine positioning because they increase "LinkPopularity."
5) Helps You Build a Huge "Opt-In" Email List
You can use articles to build up a huge list of subscribersby simply compiling several articles into an email course and delivering them at preset intervals. This technique also allows you to capture their name and email adress so you can send them articles and other special offers in the future (with their permission of course).
So if you operate a website selling virtually any type ofproduct or service (whether your own or as an affiliate), publishing and promoting these products with informational articles should rank high on your list of traffic generation strategies.
No other method of generating targeted traffic to you web site provides you with the quality and quantity of traffic that providing free article content does.
The author, Bruce Riddell has a Free Article Directory located at where you can get free content for your web site, newsletter or ezine. If you have original articles you can also submit them at this site. Ghost Writers Wanted!  Article Source:


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Healthy & Happy
Drinking two glasses of Gatorade can relieve headache pain almost
immediately--without the unpleasant side effects caused by
traditional pain "relievers."
Welllll who would of known-

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Food Trivia Question
The product we know today came into being in 1902, but it had existed in similar forms for generations. During the Christmas season of 1902,packaging became an important factor. It was designed with a string attached to it so it could be hung as a Christmas tree ornament. In total, there have been 37 different varieties, currently there are 22.  More than 40 million packages of these are sold each year, and they are exported to 17 countries. They are turned out at the rate of 12,000 per minute, and nearly 6,000 miles of string are used on the packages. Poet-philosopher Christopher Morley wrote a poem named for them.
What are they? Answer at the end of this newsletter.

July Food History
* National Penuche Day.

1376 Rat Catcher's Day. The Pied Piper got rid of all the rats in the German town of Hamelin. When the townspeople refused to pay, the Pied Piper led all the towns children away.

1461 Charles VII of France was born. His mistress, Agnes Sorel, was a celebrated cook who created several dishes, and had several culinary creations named in her honor.. (Agnes Sorel soup garnish, Agnes Sorel Timbales, etc.).

1822 Gregor (Johann) Mendel was born. Mendel was an Austrian botanist whose work was the foundation of the science of genetics. Working mainly with garden peas (some 28,000 plants over 7 years), he discovered what was to become know as the laws of heredity.

1915 Sir Sanford Fleming died. He devised the present system of time zones while working for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

1956 Curnonsky (Maurice Edmond Sailland) died. At the age of 84, he leaned too far out of his window and fell to his death. French writer, novelist, biographer, and gastronome. Curnonsky was known as the "Prince of Gastronomes," a title he was awarded in a public referendum in 1927, and a title no one else has ever been given.

1967 The rock group Vanilla Fudge made its concert debut in New York



Hey!  I thought this Newsletter was going to have something in it about Grilling & BBQ!  Yep it sure is.......  grilling tips right here so hang on to your bbq sauce!

First --- Lets talk about what Grilling is and what BBQ'ing is.
Most people don't realize there is a difference but there is.
is cooking fast, at a high temperature
any cut of meat or poultry, even vegetables! Grilling is when you place your meat or poultry etc. on the cooking surface of a grill (like a gas-powered grill) and cook away! Sometimes thin sauces or marinades are applied to the food before or during the cooking process to keep the meat moist because grilling fast at a high heat tends to dry out the meat if you don't. Many people use BBQ sauce for grilling and I think this is why everyone gets so confused about what the difference is between grilling and BBQ.
Grilling is also know as DIRECT COOKING - this cooking method involves cooking your food directly over the heat source. Recommended for food that requires short cooking times or to sear and lock in the juices before cooking food indirectly.

is slow cooking for several hours
any cuts of meat or poultry over say... wood coals....but the meat is not placed right directly over the coals like in grilling. When BBQing, there is usually a can of water somewhere in the grill to keep a constant humidity level in the cooking area.  Dry rubs made of various herbs and spices are often applied to the meat or mustard- or tomato-based sauces (depending on where you live).  However, many BBQers forgo the rubs and sauces and let the woodsmoke flavor the food.  It is not unusual to BBQ meat or poultry for several hours (or even all night!).  You can BBQ a really bad cut of meat and it usually results in a tender, delicious treat that practically falls apart as you eat it. BBQ is also know as INDIRECT COOKING - When food is cooked away from the direct heat source with the lid closed. This method works well for delicate foods as well as foods that require longer cooking times.

BBQ'ing is what's done when you want your company to stay all day and Grilling is what's done when you want your company to eat and go!  ~Snickerrrr~

For Gas Grills
If using a Gas Grill- Preheat the grill for at least 10 minutes on high. This way it will have time to burn off any bugs or creepy crawlers that might be hiding on the under side. This will also help to kill any lurking germs.

We love to Grill and BBQ every chance we get, all throughout the year!
Its the best way that I know of to get a big gang of people together and also the best way to keep them out of your house!  ~Snickerrrrr~

For Charcoal

It doesn't matter which way you pick to cook your food. Gas grill and charcoal both will make a delicious meal.


Batman the cat is the silliest cat that we have and also the most curious.  He has shiny jet black fur and yellow eyes.  He is always wanting to play and always begging's us all the time to play with him.  One day while I was painting my finger nails Batman came over to me begging once again for game of play.  He swatted at me with a loud meow and when he did the fingernail polish popped right out of my hand and hit on the floor.  Immediately I jumped to the floor to pick it up but since Batman thought it was another fast game of play he decided to race me for the bottle.  When he did he grabbed up the bottle in his teeth then quickly slung it down because of the strong smell of the fingernail polish.  Buy this time it was toooo lateeee.  Batman now looked like he had got into my lipstick instead because he had dark pink nailpolish circled all around his mouth.    The smell of the polish on his mouth was so strong until he kept leaping and jumping all over the place and each time he did a turn he quickly and looked at me, cocking his head sideways with his beautiful lipstick on.  It was a sight to see and I laughed so hard until my sides hurt.  Snicker~


The End of our Newsletter!
Ok everybody, lets see how good your memory is.  Do you remember the picture at the top of the page?  Well lets just see how good your memory really is!  Get your pen and paper out.

1.   There were at least 7 things sitting on the table. What were they?
2.   What was the article about that was on the back of the man's newspaper?
3.   Where did you see a number at in the picture?
4.   What was the number?
5.   What sport was depicted?
6.   Was their meat on the table?  What kind.
7.    What do you think he is going to do with all the things that are on the table?

Scroll back up to the top and check your answers.

"Animal crackers, and cocoa to drink,
That is the finest of suppers, I think.
When I'm grown up and can have what I please,
I think I shall always insist upon these."       by Christopher Morley

In 1902 the Nation Biscuit Company's Animal Biscuits assumed the legal
trademark name of BARNUM'S ANIMALS. They designed the colorful five-cent
box that looked like a circus wagon cage, and attached a string so the
box could be hung from the Christmas tree.
In total there have been 37 different animals represented since 1902.
The current lineup is tiger, cougar, camel, rhinoceros, kangaroo,
hippopotamus, bison, lion, hyena, zebra, elephant, sheep, bear, gorilla,
monkey, seal and giraffe.

Thank You!
We would like to thank everyone
for being a part of our monthly newsletter and we hope that you found it informative and fun.  Each month our newsletter will change slightly so we can cover many different interests.  Remember..... this newsletter is for you, so write us and tell us what you would like to see.  Have a fantastic month everyone and we wish each and every one of you a Happy Day!  We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Your Internet Friends, Pam & Stephen


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