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Waffle Day Waffle Week!
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What are the waffle Holidays in our calendar?
"First week in September is National Waffle week."
"September is All American Breakfast Month!"
March 25th is International Waffle Day.
August 24 is National Waffle

Are there any other Holidays related?
Yes!  See all National Breakfast Holidays


Celebrate Waffles!
For a very fast family breakfast why not try waffles. Kids just love the crispy waffle squares and they love to fill the holes with sweet syrup and butter. This is a great meal to serve with a tall cold glass of milk or a nice hot cup of coffee.

batters and toppings, and pizzelle recipes with and without fillings are found here.

Fun Facts about Breakfast & Waffles

September is National Month of?
Take a look at all these food holidays for the month of September that are just perfect choices to serve for breakfast.
National Breakfast Month
National Honey month
National Biscuit month
National mushroom month
National Potato month

It's National Week Of?
Now if that's not enough to get your taste buds going then take a look at these breakfast related "weekly holidays" for the month of September.
First week in September is - National Waffle Week
First week in September is also Biscuits & Gravy week.

It's National Day Of?
September 27: National Corned Beef Hash Day.
September 27: Is also National Chocolate Milk Day.
September 29: National Coffee Day.

We have a great section in our website that is dedicated to coffee. It has hot, cold and spirited drink recipes in it and it even has meal recipes that use coffee as one of its ingredients. If you want to pass some time with a laugh or two.... go to coffee jokes.
Visit our "Cookin With Coffee" section for all the fun.

September Food Holidays
Yep.... the month of September has a whole long list of National Food Holidays that are not listed on this page, that do not have anything to do with breakfast. If your interested in seeing the list just go to our "September Food Holiday" page and have fun reading.

Breakfast Fun

Great Breakfast Recipes
Mothers Biscuits & Gravy - how-to-video
Waffles Recipes from Bed&Breakfast Inns
Breakfast recipes from Recipe Source
More Coming Soon!


How can I Celebrate National Cleaning Week?


Product Review & Description
This popular waffle book now includes recipes for the current rage, the pizzelle–that crisp, cookie-like cousin of the waffle. Make pizzelles on a waffle-type iron and serve them flat, rolled, stacked or filled. More than 100 recipes for waffle
Play Quiz: Breakfast Fun now!
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