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November Calendar
November Food Calendar
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November birthflower Flower of the month: The Chrysanthemum.
Zodiac SignsScorpio / The Scorpion, Oct. 24 - Nov. 21.
Sagittarius  / The Archer / Nov. 22 - Dec. 21.
The name for the Moon for November is Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon.
When is the Full Moon in November?
November Birthstone:  Topaz, Citrine or aquamarine.
Meaning: Fidelity

About the month of November
November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with the length of 30 days. November retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning "nine") when January and February were added to the Roman calendar.  November starts on the same day of the week as February in common years, and March every year.

Significant November

Movable Holidays
this list is incomplete

It's quite common for some males in Australia (especially in the city of Melbourne), and New Zealand to sport a moustache during the month of November. The custom being known as Movember (Movember is a portmanteau of the words 'Moustache' and 'November'.), and being a fundraising event for men's health issues. One's fashionable appearance often comes second to the calling of Movember. A similar observance in the United States, called Noshavember, involves a full beard as opposed to a mustache.

Family Stories Month: (November 1 - 30)
During the holiday season, gathering of family and friends around the table, makes November the perfect month to start telling and saving family stories.

I Am So Thankful Month (November 1-30)
This month is dedicated to giving thanks and counting your blessings daily.  Share with others the things you are thankful for!
Adoption Month
Home Care Month
Flu Awareness Month
Good Nutrition Month
Latin American Month
Georgia Pecan Month
Real Jewelry Month
Aviation History Month
Hunger Awareness Month
International Drum Month
National Alzheimer's Month
National Sleep Comfort Month
National Fragrance Month
Native American Heritage Month

American Education Week
National Children's Book Week
National Family Week
National Geography Week
National Cat Week

Week One
Vegetarian Awareness Week
Osteopathic Medicine Week
Communication Week
Split Pea Soup Week
Notary Public Week
Chemistry Week

Week Two
Pursuit Of Happiness Week
Random Acts of Kindness Week
Operating Room Nurse Week
Geography Awareness Week
National Children's Book Week
Education Week

Week Three
National Family Caregivers Week
National Adoption Week
Children's Book Week

Week Four
American Educational History Week
National Game & Puzzle Week
National Care Givers Week
Adoption Week
Family Week
Bible Week

ITS NATIONAL DAY OF? (Day-Long Observances)
Nov 1 - All Saints' Day
Nov 1 -  National Author's Day
Nov 1Day of the Dead
Nov 1 -  Family Literacy Day
Nov 1World AIDS Day
Nov 1 -  Men Make Dinner Day
Nov 1 -  Kite Festival in Guatemala
Nov 2All Souls' Day
Nov 2 - Name your Car Day
Nov 2Deviled Egg Day
Nov 2Look for Circles Day
Nov 3Sandwich Day
Nov 3 -  All Saints Day in Sweden
Nov 3Housewife Day
Nov 4 -  Candy Day
Nov 4 -  National Skeptic's Day
Nov 4 - Chicken Lady Day
Nov 5 - Guy Fawkes Night (bonfire night, fireworks night)
Nov 6 - Basketball Day
Nov 6 -  Saxophone Day
Nov 6Marooned without a compass day
Nov 6 - I love Nachos Day
Nov 7 -  Hug a Bear Day
Nov 7 - Magazine Day
Nov 7Notary Public Day
Nov 8 -  Try A New Recipe Day
Nov 8 -  X-ray Discovery Day
Nov 8 -  Thanksgiving Day in Liberia

Nov 8 -  National Ample Time Day
One day set aside each year to recognize the importance of time management, making Ample Time in one's life for priorities to make the most of each day and live a completely fulfulling life.

Nov 9 -  Parade Day
Nov 10 -  Lung Cancer Awareness Day
Nov 11Veterans Day
Nov 11 -  Remembrance Day in Canada
Nov 11 -  National Young Reader's Day
Nov 12 - Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
Nov 12 -  Moms and Dads Day
Nov 13World Kindness Day
Nov 14Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
Nov 14 -  Educational Support Personnel Day
Nov 14 -  Young Reader's Day
Nov 15 -  I Love to write Day (official website)
Nov 15America Recycles Day
Nov 16International Day for Tolerance
Nov 16 -  Ramadan
Nov 17Homemade Bread Day
Nov 17 -  Remembrance Day
Nov 17Take A Hike Day
Nov 17International Student Day
Nov 17World Peace Day
Nov 18 -  William Tell Day
Nov 19 -  Mickey Mouse's Birthday
Nov 20Universal Children's Day
Nov 21World Hello Day
Nov 21World Television Day
Nov 22 -  Stop the Violence Day
Nov 23Buy Nothing Day
Nov 23 -  You're Welcome-giving Day
Nov 25 -  Reminder!  One Month to Christmas!
Nov 26 -  Cake Day
Nov 27Pins and Needles Day

National Day of Listening (November 27)
Sponsored by the Story Corps, the National Day of Listening is a day to set aside some time to listen to and document the life stories of those close to you.   For information: StoryCorps National Day of Listening

Nov 28 -  It's Letter Writing Day
Nov 28Make Your own Head Day
Nov 28Red Planet Day
Nov 28Maize Day
Nov 29 - Square Dance Day
Nov 29 - Throw out the leftovers day
Nov 30 -  Computer Security Day
Nov 30 - St. Andrew's Day
Nov 30 -  Play Hooky Day
Nov 30 -  I Feel Well Day

National Cat week - We love cat's here at and we have several pages about cats thats just perfect for you cat lovers.  For a spooky look at cats, visit our Black Cat page.  For a look at our own loveeable cats, visit My Cat Smokey.  There's some great pictures here!

National Sandwich Day - November 3rd (Sandwich Month)is sandwich day and we have some great sandwich spread recipes that would be perfect for the day.  Click Here / Sandwich_Spreads
Marrow Awareness Month
Peanut Butter Lovers' Month
Vegan Awareness Month
Military Appreciation Month
National Stamp Collecting Month
Child Safety and Protection Month
National Epilepsy Awareness Month
National Diabetes Awareness Month
International Creative Child & Adult Month
International Impotence Education Month
National Red Ribbon Month (anti-drunkdriving)
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