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You have just sailed right into the deepest water fun - on the Net! Why we are just swimming with the wettest waves of everything that's Ocean! Everything from Top Underwater Headline News to the latest Seafood recipes and Tropical Drinks. Everything from E-Cards to Pirate Facts.
Oceans-Of-Fun is the best place on the web to Download Games and play Free Online Games too.  Why we've even got the best Ocean theme games and Flash Games out there! Oceans-Of-Fun is deep water for Great Fun!

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Aqua Energizer   Sub Commander   Pearl Diver   Boom Boom Volleyball   Monkey Cliff Diving   Beach Tennis   Turtle Bridge   LifeBuoys   Shooting Fish

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The content on these pages update
Daily, Weekly, or Monthly!!!! So you are sure to get the Freshest Content available for your reading. sure to check back often for up-to-date News Information.
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The content on these pages updates
Daily, Weekly, or Monthly!!!! So you are sure to get the Freshest Content available for your FUN. sure to check back often for new stuff.



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Waves-Of-Food Fun
If you love to cook then you love to see new recipes. The content on this page updates Daily! So be sure to check back each day to see what the new recipe-of-the-day is.
Tropical Drinks
Visit our Tropical Drink section where you can find the most popular drink recipes that will make you feel like your on the beach of a tropical island!
Halloween Recipe Directory
Don't miss our Halloween recipe section because it is just full of the spookiest recipes for your little gouls and goblins! This section even has spooky party tips too.
Main Recipe Directory
This section lists all the pages in our whole website where you will find cooking recipes. We have lots of cooking tips and tricks too.

Waves-Of-Ocean Interests

Ocean Magazines
You name it and you will find it here! On this page we will list all the hard to find water related magazines that's available for subscription. Magazines like..... Tropical Fish, Shark, Yachting, Scuba, Caribbean, Sea Kayaker
Cruise Vacations
On this page we give a bit of travel information and cruise vacation information.
Ocean Sounds -CD's
Ohhhh this is a popular page. This page lists all of the best Ocean Sound CD's thats out there! Many are hard to get your hands on too.
Ocean Pirate Books
If you like True Pirate Facts and Pirate Folklore...... then you will love this page that lists many books that are available about the subject. We keep this page updated so as we find a new Pirate Book, we will list it. /

Sea Life Theme Pages
Alligator /  Clam /  Crab  /  Shark  /
Lobster  /  Octopus  /  Oysters
Funny Video Clips
We have the best Funny Video's! After you watch a few then you can pick your favorite and send it to a friend if you want.

Fun Page Exchange Favorite Links!
Here you will find a list of the Funniest Pages from all the Top websites on the Net! Some are funny, some are What? and some are Weird and some are Wild! This list updates  all the time so you will always be able to find a new page to view. Video--Ivan Surfing WOW!  PICS  Beach View / Girl at the Beach / Mother of the Sea / Under Water Rider

Pirate Home
Our Pirate pages are full of great Pirate Folklore and Fun Facts. We even have real recipes that Pirates ate back in the day. Our pages also have pirate jokes and books that you can buy and some of the best Internet links too! Great Fun!

Daily Trivia Tournament!
Are you ready for some Trivia fun?  Come by each day to try your luck against other players.  New Questions Daily.
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Play for FREE! Win CASH!