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On this page you will find great Marketing Tips provided by marketing pros and webmasters.  A Resource page where everyone comes together for better business over the Internet.
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Make sure you provide your readers with valuable information.
The World Wide Web is really nothing more than hundreds of millions of people looking for information.  If you can build a site that provides the information that people are looking for, then you have found your first   focus.  Based on that very important information, we know now how important it is to provide valuable content on our websites.  It doesn't matter what your subject matter is at all.  Just make sure you have plenty of information to fill your site and make the site worth reading.  If you think about it, a website is 90% words and 10% pictures.  That information in itself lets you know that your website needs to have the best information there is on the subject that your website is about.
Tip Resource: Marketing

Make sure your site has a subject
Have you ever ran across a website that was nothing more than banners and links placed all over the place and none of them related to each other?  And did you notice all the banners sold something different and the site really didn't focus on a subject at all, but was just pages and pages of ways they were trying to make money! What a let down!

It's ok to try and make money with your site.  That's what most of us are here for, but you are wasting your time if you place sales banners all over your site.  Not only is it distracting but you offer no content to your viewers.  You want your site to have a subject so the readers will want to return back again and again.  Many sites just try to make money; like the one I just talked. They never provide any information at all.  Don't make the mistake of loading your site with tons of sales ads... without providing what people look for... a subject.
Tip Resource: Marketing

Build a website?
If you are new and just doing research on marketing ideas or ways to build your own website... then we recommend you read SiteSell.  They have a great "Build a site resource" that would be worth reading.  One of their mottos is,
"Why build JUST a Web site...
when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"
Its one of the best sites we've seen that offers great resources and free tips for the beginner.  It's even an affiliate program too, so you can make money with this site as well.  They have page after page after page of information so be prepared to read for a while ok.  It's well worth your time.

Learn about Shared Link Traffic.
This is very important! When we first built our website, we had no idea how important it was to have our link in as many places as we could get it. Once we found out, we started franticly searching website after website looking to see if they would exchange links with us.  Sure enough it brought more traffic into our site and placed us on search engines better. (Its a tiring process to go through but we did it).  Then just by chance we ran across a site about shared link traffic. The first sentence we read was "Do you want your site to be listed on hundreds, even thousands of websites?" Well that hooked our curiosity because we were really needing that very thing. What we found out was, they do have tools over the Internet that can give you shared link traffic.  If your not familiar with shared link traffic then it would be worth your time to read about how it works.  We use it for our site and its one of the best things we've ever done. It does cost a monthly subscription price to have, but well worth it.  If you have your website ready for viewing to the public, now's the time to get your link out to as many places as you can.  Start with this one and do your research.  Not only is this a good tool to have, but you can make a bit of money with it as well. That's even an extra bonus.
Shared Link Traffic

Provide your readers a Newsletter/Ezine
We provide a fun and informative newsletter that we make sure is available through our Archives page for 12 whole months!  We can send out over 5,000 newsletter reminders to our readers each and every month too!  Newsletters are very successful at promoting your website and building return visitors.  It's the best thing we've ever done for our site so make sure you plan to have your own newsletter or ezine for your website too!  Pick information that matches the subject of your site and make sure you provide your readers with really great information.  The better your information is, the longer your subscribers will stay subscribers.  Many timesd your newsletter can turn out to be the backbone of your whole website!

Traffic Exchanges
When you find a Traffic Exchange that you really like, stick with it.  There are hundreds out there and most of them require you to surf a certain amount each month or they will delete your account.  Don't wear yourself thin by trying to use every single traffic exchange you find.  Keep your favorites at the top of your monthly surfing list and surf surf away!  This way you will never have to fear loosing your account.  Save your extra time at the end of each month for testing the waters on new traffic exchanges.

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