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Affiliate Program Guide.
Lets Learn what an Affiliate Program is
and how it benefits you.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will be interested in reading the rest of this page about Affiliate programs.  The questions that I asked you above are the very reasons why people join affiliate  programs.  This information is not only for beginners but it is informative for the heavy hitters who already have an established website too.  It's always nice to get a refresher course and be reminded of things that you may of forgotten.


What are Affiliate Programs?

An affiliate program is a simple system set up by businesses that allow website owners a way to earn commissions on their websites at no risk. There is usually no charge at all in joining an affiliate program.  Normally you earn money by selling their products on your site by placing their links anywhere that you want them to be.  You decide where to put them.  This way you can control the look and feel of your pages.

Many affiliate programs have actual product links that you can place on your site to make it fit the look and feel of your own site.  Many times these product links are actually pictures of the merchandise that is for sale.  Many times it will even give the reader size options or color options of the products too.  These banners are set with "tracking codes"
that keep up with the click-throughs, the leads or the actual sale that is generated through the banner.  When a customer buys a product from the link the transaction is recorded and a commission is earned.

If putting their products on your site is not for you, then you may choose to simply put their banners on your site that leads to their product page.  You can put the banners anywhere on the page that you would like.  Most webmasters choose to place banners at the very top of a page and at the very bottom of the page.  If an affiliate program offers a banner that's called a skyscraper- then this type banner is placed to the left or right of the page.  Banners come in all shapes and sizes but not all affiliate programs offers the full range. 

Word links are another options that webmasters have.   If the subject matter of the page is actually the same theme as a product your affiliated with, then a webmaster will usually choose to put a word link in the middle of the page within a sentence.  This is a nice clean look that's unobtrusive and professional looking.

This type of linking is highly recommended and is widely used.  It's an easy way to sneak in a clickable link right then and there while the reader has the subject on his mind.  Most webmasters will make sure the link will open in a new window so the reader can keep on reading the paragraph he or she was reading so they don't loose their place.  This is a perfect way to keep your reader on your own website but also have them be able to go see what the article is talking about at the same time.

Advantages to Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are also  known as associate programs, don't let this confuse you.  They are the same thing.  They both are affiliate programs where an online merchant compensates a web site owner for a lead or for a sale when its generated.  I've even seen them called partner programs.

This is done automatically by a piece of "tracking code" provided by the merchant. When a visitor at the affiliate's site uses these links to generate a click-through, lead, or sale for the merchant, the transaction is tracked online and a commission is earned.

How do I do it?
All you need to do to start making money on your Web site is to go to the affiliate site that you want to join, fill out the application form to become an affiliate and send it in.  They will then send you a response letter to the email address that you gave them.  You must give a real email address because this is not a game.  Affiliate programs are real programs that pay real commissions in sales.  Giving the correct information is imparitive!

If you want to see some Affiliate Sites then go to our Affiliate Directory for a list of a few that are available.  There are literally hundreds of them on the Internet so be sure to read the program from top to bottom before signing up.  Also, it's a good idea to stick with programs that are well known and have a good track record.  Thats not to say that you cant join newly established websites.  Im just saying that your taking your money into your own hands when you do and you are taking a chance of the website being a scam and skipping out with your money.  If you dont know the new sites owner personally, I would stick to websites that have been in business for a few years and have a really good pay system set up.  Affiliate sites that have been working an Affiliate program for years has already worked all the kinks out of their system too.

After you join, you will then be sent an acceptance letter from the program if you are accepted.  Now don't be alarmed if you do not get accepted by all the affiliate programs that you sign up for ok.  Not ever program will accept you.  When you apply, the site owners will sometimes visit your website to see if its a site that they would like their products advertised on.  Many site will not allow sexual content; illicit drugs or narcotics; politics; anti-government/anti-american sentiment; gambling or sweepstakes.  You get the picture right.

Once your accepted and your a member, you can then sign in to the affiliate programs website and retreave your links to post their products and banners on your site.  The letter that you receive will normally explain how to do all that.  ...then wait for the commission checks!

Paying you your commissions
Product distributors are happy to pay you a commission on sales.  This is how they spread the word about their products and they need you as their affiliate to make this happen.  You help them sale their products but you are not a retail store at all.  You don't have employees to keep up with, you don't have any property rent to pay and you don't have any inventory to keep up with either.  You are NOT an employee of the distributor either.

Daily reports are available so you can track your sales.
The affiliate program has to keep up with the sales that you have so they know how much to pay you.  Many of the sites will also give a full detail of when the item sold and a tracking system so you can even see what page the buyer clicked on that lead them to the merchants site.

Affiliate programs have different times set up as to when they will send you a check.  Some programs mail out checks at the 1st of each month.  Some programs have a set amount of $100.00 dollars before they will send you out a check.  It all depends on how the company has their pay scale set up and no two companies are alike.  Always remember to read their pay information with each company so you will know.

Helpful Information for Affiliate and webmasters
We normally try and stay out of recommending affiliate programs to anyone because each persons needs for their website is different, therefore the programs they are looking for will be different.  Sometime we do run across programs that have exceptional information that through our research we find has extremely good track records with highly satisfied affiliates.  We have decided to tell you about Site Sell that does just that and has great information for the beginner too.  It's worth going to their site and reading what they have to offer.  We feel its a really good Affiliate program but if it doesn't fit into the theme of your at least has some great reading material for learning.  Site Sell also keep up with the growing Internet and keeps all their products and information packets up-to-date!  That is a real added bonus to information products.  We have found soooooo many products for sale over the Internet (from other companies) that has extremely outdated material that may of been good a few years ago but is not any good for this day and time.  Still the product owner pushed and sales the software and offers affiliate programs to sell it. WOW!  That is really bad.  With Site Sell you don't have to worry about that because they are committed to up-dated material and they work hard at it.  This is another reason why their track record is so good at being a top affiliate program.

Top Affiliate and Net marketing experts proclaim it "The Best Affiliate Program on the Net" and "The Perfect Revenue Sharing Program." Plus, it's fantastic information!  We are going to agree with that.

Take Advantage of each HOLIDAY!

During the Holidays, more consumers are in search of credit card offers than at any other time of the year. If you are truely interested in affiliate programs and getting the right programs set up at the right time, then do not let this opportunity slip past you.  Credit Card usage triples during the holidays and you have the opportunity to take advantage of that.  Coincidentally, many banks are paying $25-$30 for each qualified applicant an affiliate refers. (these pay amounts can change at any time) A dozen signup's can easily bring you a few extra hundred dollars by merely proving a link to the offer.

Even better, on the list we provide, some of the banks offer commissions ($3-5) per application completed. Even if they are not accepted by the credit card, you can easily make money. It's easy money simply by referring people to worthwhile credit offers. Incredible!

Affiliate Programs for Credit Cards

To see our Credit Card list, Click Here!

Build your "help page" for your Affiliate Programs.

If you would like, you may copy any part of this page.  We don't mind at all.  Just remember to change our referral links to your referral links O.K.  Everybody needs help at getting started and if your a beginner then it's even harder to know what words to type on a "Help Page."  Helping you build your page will also help us build visitors to our site.
  Here's How--

If you would like to copy this page entirely, then you have our permission to do so, but in doing so.... we ask that you leave our RESOURCE BOX and a clickable website link at the bottom of the page- to give us credit for writing the article.

Author: Pamela Svoboda
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