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Affiliate Powered ECommerce Sites

We want you to study about Affiliate Powered ECommerce Sites.
I know that's a mouthful to say but these sites are a must have if you are truly wanting income opportunity for your site.  These sites are set up so many many different companies can come together on one program and offer their product links to you to place on your site. You really need to click on each of the examples that we give and learn about how each differ and how each of them could benefit you and your site. These sites have every type of product you can think of that is available for you to sale from your site to make some $Cash.
ECommerce sites are membership programs that you can join and they track all the sales and commissions of all the products that you picked out to place on your website.  They keep up with all the paperwork and you can check your stats at anytime.  Most of them are free to join but you do have to fill out an application form.

Affiliate Shareing Program Examples

Click Bank  - Free to join - When you refer a potential customer to the ClickBank Marketplace, you will earn a commission when a customer follows a Marketplace link and purchases a ClickBank product. The commission amount is calculated by the purchase price and the commission rate of the product. ClickBank:You must first sign up for your FREE ClickBank account. If you have not yet signed up for a ClickBank account, please click HERE. During the signup process you will select your ClickBank nickname. Your nickname is your unique ID that allows us to accurately track and award the commissions you earn.

Commission Junction: -

LinkShare -

Shareasale -

Join the Affiliate shareing program/ resale affiliate
Affiliate Sharing Program - Free to join - sales commission of 20 % of its $ 49 selling price for a total commission of $ 10 per sign-up! Plus you will earn this commission again when customer renews each year.


Now lets pretend you have picked out some Income Opportunities that you want to try and you have placed them on your website/and or you have your referral links ready to promote.  What do you do now.  Well you learn how to Advertise and you learn what tools are available to help you do that.

Building Traffic
Use a system to advertise

and automate your business.
Offer support through communication and motivation.

Help your associates learn how to do the same.