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Hello and Welcome to our Articles page.
We know that Articles are the true foundation to any website, that's why we are constantly writing articles for our viewers to read.  Most of our Articles are on the lighter side of life and lean more toward entertainment topics like humor, cooking, recipes and tips since that is the theme of our website.  Occasionally we will get on the serious side and write an article of a different sort but that doesn't happen very often.  ha ha ha

If you are a new webmaster or maybe you are just doing research before you actually build your first website, then one of the first things you need to know is how important it is to have fresh articles available on your website to keep your readers coming back for more.  If this sounds like you then please keep reading for more information.  Many websites write their own articles and some even make the articles available to the public for reprint.  If webmasters prefer not to write their own articles then they can find Freelance writers that are also available to do the writing for them.

Some of our Articles are available to copy and publish.  Those that are available will be listed here on this page along with the copy options.  Some of our Articles are FREE for you to copy if you give us a clickable credit for the Article when you use it.  Others require a Content Usage License in order to use it.  That means that you must pay money to be able to place it in your publication.  I know this may sound complicated but its really not.

Are you new to this sort of thing?  Are you a little lost about what this is all about and how to use Articles?  Don't worry we will explain more. You see every website, magazine, e-zine, print publication, newsletter and ebook uses an assortment of articles to make up the subject matter that's in each of them.  Normally if the owner is not very good at writing or simply does not have the time to write, he or she will search out available content to put in their particular print.  Most of the time these people will search out Authors and purchase the Usage license for a special article that they have picked out in order to use it in their publication.  This means that they can use it but they do not own it.  In some cases a Unique license is available which means the Author has sold all rights to the article and the buyer can do anything they want to with it. Normally, as the old saying goes though, you get what you pay for, but if you search hard enough you can find some pretty good Free Articles out there too.

Here on our site we offer both.  We have some Free articles and we have some you have to pay usage for in order to use them.  Sorry, but we don't sale all rights to our articles, after all, we did write them for the content of our own website and we want everyone to be able to use them so we offer them either free or usage.
We are happy to share!

We list most of our articles that are available with
"Constant Content"
They do a wonderful job at handling the paperwork end and money end of the process.  Feel free to go and see what articles we have available for your use. Plus, scan their website, they have many other articles that are available by other Authors as well.

Click Here
for our
"Article List"
that's listed on their site

Article Titles
            Usage $35.00 --  1019 words




Some of our Articles are available to copy & publish in your e-zine, newsletter, ebook, print publication, magazine or on your website ONLY if it remains unchanged and you include the copyright and author information (Resource Box) at the end plus you must follow all spam laws. Or you may publish this article without the Resource Box as long as you have  purchased the content usage rights for this particular article. See article itself for full information or see below for resource box requirements.

Permitted Product Usage Rules:
You may use each content product on a single website only. If you wish to use the content on multiple web sites, you must purchase the same content for each web site on which you plan to use the content. You may not resell or redistribute our products in any way, modified, unmodified, standalone or combined with another product, without prior written consent from

You are permitted to make whatever design modifications necessary to our products to make them fit your size requirements or style requirements. (such as bold print, type style type) However, you may not change the author of the content, the content itself, or try to take credit for writing the content yourself.

Resource Box Sample
Author : Pamela Price Svoboda
owner and webmaster of

All prices are subject to change

Please Share where our article goes
If you have chosen to copy the article as it is with the Resource Box located at the bottom .... Please send a courtesy copy of the publication in which the
article appears to:
This is not required at all, we just like to go see it.  Smileeeeeee

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