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Helloooo it's meeeee Pam!
It's time for another Gone-ta-pott newsletter!
Well......  here in our newsletter we like to tell you a little bit about our lives so we can all feel like family.  Most of our readers ask us to share a little bit of ourselves so this is the part where we do a few lines of that.  Ha ha ha ha !   If you guys want to read more of what we have to say, then keep check on our blogger.  When we have some extra time we like to write a bit in it as well.  Now.... once you finish our newsletter please feel free to write a few lines in our "GuestBook" that is located at the bottom of this page ok.  Were all Internet friendly here so share with us as well.

What's new on the Home Front
It's been a stressful week this week.  Stephen has been working his fingers to the bone and he has been so tired.   I'll be glad when he can go have a game of golf so he can deeee-stress a bit.  Speaking of de-stressing, we went to see the Pirate movie and we enjoyed it very much.  We were really to tired to go but we wanted to see the movie so bad until we forced ourselves to do it.  We loved the movie but we yawned through the whole thing.  Before the movie we had a really fast lunch right outside the theater and ate ourselves a big fat cheese burger.  It was..... how can I say, pretty greasy and we paid for it all through the movie.  It seems the older we get the more our body doesn't want the greasy foods anymore.  That's a shame to because there's nothing like a big fat burger with fries or onion rings.  These days it seems like tums are a staple in my pocket book.  Hummmm..... I remember the days when it use to be gum.

Oh let me tell you!  You have to read my story in the blog about working in the flower bed ok.  I think I wrote it on July 27th so look for that date.   You will get the biggest kick out of the humor of it I assure you.  I'm very scared of snakes and this is a little snake story.

Keep those letter coming in friends.  We love it.  Enjoy our newsletter!



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           August 10 - National S'Mores Day
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You know your life has gone-ta-pott when you sit down to enjoy a few handfulls of your favorite chocolate covered peanuts......... and find that someone has sucked all the chocolate off and spit back all the peanuts.

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c. by: Pamela Price Svoboda
Ohhhh we wouldn't go nare ah week without eatin grits.  We eat's it ferr breakfast pored over our fried eggs, we eat's um all cheesed up with fried fish at supper time and we eat's um as ah dessert with sugar pored on top too!

Here's what I figore ya need:
1 cup grits
3 cups water
1 cup ah milk
1 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon butter

First you needs ta go get a bag ah grits from the local griss mill.  This is the real thang and not that there instant stuff.  Maw says ya get your water ta boilin on a medium boil first.  When it is den ya pore in ya cup ah grits in real slow.  Maw says ta make sure ya never stop stirrin now.  To make your grits nice and creamy jess add a few spirts from the cows tits.  You can use dat there can stuff if ya wants to but the best cream will be the better.  Now we knows the instructions on grits will tell ya to boil ferr a certain amount of time but Maw says to tell ya that what ever them directions say..... ta make sure ya double that boilin time.  Now if your boilin is goin to fast denn it will be spittin out grits like firein rat shot at foxes in the hen house!  And talk bout hurtin!  Why them grits will stick to ya like white on rice so it's best ya make sure ya got your boilin temp jess right.  Now, put your salt in and your butter in and surve it up while its hot.  If you lets it get cold it will soon look like jelled jello and youins don't want dat.

Resource Box:
Author : Pamela Price Svoboda, webmaster of http://www.gone-ta-pott.com
From the Hillbilly Cookin' Collection located at

Readers we add a new Hillbilly Recipe each and every month to our newsletter!  If you would like to see all the Hillbilly Recipes for this whole year, then visit our HillBilly Cookin page.


Article of the month

When Your Back is Against the Wall
Is your back smack up against the wall? You can go no further and you’re feeling trapped. You feel like there is no way out of your dilemma with no one to help you. You’ve tried everything within your power and now you’re desperate.

Whom can you turn to now? Maybe you’ve heard of God doing miraculous things for certain people, but you’re not sure about all that. It all could have been coincidence, the medicine, or lucky circumstances that made those things come to pass for others. It could also be that those who experienced such wild-sounding claims were “good.” You may even be saying to yourself that you do not deserve any favors from God. Why would He reach down and bother to help you?

Let’s imagine standing up against a wall. Your heels and shoulders are touching it. It feels rough to the touch and you’re feeling confined, don’t you? I remember a story my hubby told me once. Jack is a great baseball fan and follows everyone and everything about it. You might say he is an expert on baseball and all its great characters. Ted Williams in his coaching career was teaching a rookie how not to stand when at bat. The young man for some reason did not swing wide and consequently did not get any hits on base. Williams had him stand right up against a wall. He then shouted at him: “Swing!” The young man was dumbfounded, staring at his coach as if with a gigantic question mark on his forehead. “That’s right; you can’t swing, can you,” was Mantle’s answer to his curious look. “Well, the coach continued, why is your stance at the plate as if you’ve got a wall stuck to your backside?”

The message may be to hang loose, relax, and swing freely. That sounds easy, but how do you do it? Let’s have a look at what the Word of God has to say. Would you agree with me that it’s good to go directly to the source rather than rely on your own thoughts and opinions? Proverbs 3: 5-6 tells us to trust the Lord with all our heart. If you do not lean on your own understanding, but in all ways acknowledge Him, He will direct your path. In Psalm 18:29 David tells us that by Him he had run through a troop; and leaped over a wall.” David loved his God and relied on Him completely. If he could leap over his wall, do you think that you will be able to take a step away from your wall? It takes one tiny step of faith at a time. With each tiny step our faith and trust build up.

Be encouraged. Walls can be self-made, forced on us through ineptitude or carelessness on the part of others, or pop up from nowhere. It does not matter what your wall is made of, or who erected it. The important thing is not to look back at the wall and try and force it out of the way. It is rigid. It will not move. The wall represents the hard reality of the pain, grief or circumstances in your life. It’s there; you cannot do anything about that! But, if you look up, square your shoulders and determine to go forward – one tiny step at a time - your wall will back off! Focus on your Healer, Deliverer, and Provider. He not only has the answer, He will fill you with joy. That is power! You’ll be free to swing again and hit homeruns!

About the author:
Ann Stewart is the author of Wing With As Eagles. Featured on the October issue of Triumph Over Trauma and a proud sponsor of the sharedvision network, Ann is also an Expert Ezine Article author.


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Ittie Bittie, (our little cat that has a small defect that is called a concaved chest) thinks that he is the toughest and roughest cat there is.  He is much smaller than all the other cat's but he doesn't know it.  He struts around hissing and spitting and strolling by all the other cat's making sure they know that he want's to be king of the castle.  All the other cat's just look at him as if to say..... oh you silly little cat, be on your way.  Ittie Bittie has a real fascination for Stephens belt.  The belt is as big as Ittie Bittie but the little guy just can't resist dragging it all over the house.  He sleeps with it... he eat's with it.... and he even talks to it.  Sometimes he hugs and cuddles it and sometimes he beats the belt up.  hahahaha!   Either way, a day doesn't go by without his trusty belt by his side.

The End of our Newsletter!
Ok everybody, lets see how good your memory is.  Do you remember the picture at the top of the page?  Well lets just see how good your memory really is!  Get your pen and paper out.

1.   There were at least 7 things sitting on the table. What were they?
2.   What was the article about that was on the back of the man's newspaper?
3.   Where did you see a number at in the picture?
4.   What was the number?
5.   What was the subject of the picture?
7.   What do you think he is going to do with all the things that are on the table?

Scroll back up to the top and check your answers.


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Your Internet Friends, Pam & Stephen

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