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Australia Day!

Australia Day is a National Holiday of Australia
"Australia Day, celebrated annually on 26 January, is the official national day of Australia, commemorating the establishment of the first British settlement on the continent of Australia." "The date is that of the foundation of a British penal colony at Sydney Cove on Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788, by Captain Arthur Phillip, in his capacity as the first Governor of New South Wales." "Australia Day is an official public holiday in all states and territories of Australia, and has also been known as Anniversary Day and Foundation Day."

"On the eve of Australia Day each year, the Prime Minister announces the winner of the Australian of the Year award, presented to an Australian citizen who has shown a "significant contribution to the Australian community and nation", and is an "inspirational role model for the Australian community". Subcategories of the award include "Young" and "Senior Australian of the Year", and an award for "Australia's Local Hero"."

"Records of the celebration of Australia Day date back to 1808 and in 1818, Governor Lachlan Macquarie held the first official celebration of Australia Day." "In 2004, an estimated 7.5 million people attended Australia Day celebrations and functions across the country."
wikipedia the free encyclopedia / documentation_license

Australia Day is also called:
Foundation Day
Anniversary Day
Survival Day
Invasion Day
Day of Mourning (in 1938 & 1970)

Observed by
most Australians in the form of a public holiday

National, Nationalist

Date of landing of First Fleet in Port Jackson in 1788

Family meetings, parades, citizenship ceremonies, Order of Australia honours, Australian of the Year presented

Related to
Anzac Day, a celebration of Australia as a nation during World War I

See Public Holidays in Australia

Suggested changes to the date
Some have suggested making Anzac Day, 25 April, Australia's national day. However, many war veterans believe that Anzac Day is their day, and it is also a public holiday in New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa and Tonga.

Some have suggested changing to 1 January, commemorating the date in 1901 when Australia's six colonies federated into one nation. However, 1 January is already a public holiday and is in the middle of the Christmas holiday season.

The date 9 May is also sometimes suggested, being not only the date on which the first Federal Parliament was opened in Melbourne in 1901, but also the date of the opening of the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra in 1927, and the date of the opening of the New Parliament House in 1988.

Many supporters of the continued use of Australia Day as Australia's national day point out that 26 January commemorates an actual historical event, similar to Anzac Day, Bastille Day in France, Canada Day in Canada, Independence Day in the United States, and Republic Day in India.

A recent advertising campaign for Australian Lamb, featuring Sam Kekovich, jocularly promoted the extension of Australia Day to Australia Week.

If you are new to this holiday:
If you are new to this holiday; then you may like to learn more about Australia. We found that Amazon.com is a popular Internet Site for finding history books, travel information and other Australian fun.


Research links
National Australia Day Council
Australia Day Committee

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How can I Celebrate this holiday?

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When is this holiday celebrated?
Australia Day is a Public Holiday in Australia celebrated annually on January 26!  This date is shared with National Peanut Brittle Day, an American holiday.
We found this holiday on ECard Greeting Sites
It's Australia Day! The time to attend parades and ceremonies, to burst fireworks and enjoy delicious feasts. So get together with your near and dear ones and enjoy. Send cute and warm ecards to your friends/ family/ loved ones to wish them a great day.  Australia Day ECards
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