The Herb Catnip
Herbs are not just for cooking. Herbs have been used for centuries for healing as well.
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Herbs: Catnip

Catnip is a highly branched perennial herb of Asiatic origin that may grow up to 3 feet tall. Renowned for the euphoria it causes in cats, Catnip has heart-shaped gray-green to green leaves with scalloped edges that are often crowded toward the top of the plant.  Beshides attracting cats, Catnip has a few culinary uses. Most commonly, Catnip Tea, brewed from the leaves and flowers, may be taken for coughs and colds or as a bedtime calmative. Used sparingly, catnip is good in salads, and some people like the flowers as a garnish. Catnip is a hardy plant that will grow in sun or shade and can be sown from seed or propagated by division. It will grow best in rich slightly alkaline sol that drains well.

Herbs encourage the body to heal itself
Herbs have been part of our lives for generations, in every country and for many different reasons.  Herbs have been used for potions, lotions, salves, ceremonies and for healing for centuries.  Our history books tell us of how healers used herbs from Indian medicine men to the modern herbalist who studies holistic medicine.  Today because of the cost of medicines from our family doctor, many people are researching other ways to stay healthy through the use of herbs.  Herbal medicine works best when practiced holistically.  What that means is you want to think about good health for the whole body and work to heal the whole body as a whole.  This is called having a balance both emotionally and physically, instead of just treating the symptom itself.  You find this also referred to "holistic balance."  Herbs are not just for cooking and eating ya know.  Herbs encourage the body to heal itself!
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  Herbs & Healing Usage

Clinical studies have shown that the four Gs—ginkgo, ginseng, Siberian ginseng and gotu kola—enhance mental abilities, including concentration, aptitude, behavior, alertness and even intelligence.  Ginkgo is the best known for improving memory and it boosts the brain's ability to use oxygen.

Memory Tincture
1 teaspoon each tinctures of ginkgo leaves and Siberian ginseng root-
½ teaspoon each tinctures of ginseng root and gotu kola leaves-

Combine ingredients. Take half a dropperful a few times a day. Take extra tincture an hour or so before an exam or an important office meeting, or at any time you need extra focus.

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