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Choose Your Niche
Continued Information from our "Work at Home Guide/for Beginners."

You will see this word used quite often over the Internet.  It means:  What is the subject matter or the theme of your websites about.  "What is your niche?"  When you decide to build your first website you need to decide what the Niche of your site will be.  The subject matter you pick for your website will normally be the same income opportunities that you pick to advertise on your new website.  They should match or relate to each other in a close way.  These will be the programs that you will belong to, to make your commissions with.  When the theme of your website and the affiliate programs you pick match, it makes your sites look and feel more professional.  It's very important that your site has a real subject so you know what to advertise as well.  Sites that are jumbled up with anything and everything normally do not do well when it comes to return visitors.
NOTE:  It is possible to break down your website in different categories therefore having different subject matters. In many cases it is absolutely necessary.  In order to do this you must keep your subjects separated so your site stays clean and still be easy to navigate.  
Examples: of this would be-

Niche Examples
We have placed a few Niche examples below to help you with brain-storming about what you want your websites subject to be.

Plus, examples of what products you can be affiliated with to match that theme.  Once you click on a site..... if you like what you see and you would like to place this sites information on your own website, then search the site for the word "Affiliates."  Some sites make you search high and low for the link but keep searching page to page.  The Affiliate link is not always on the Home page.  Once you find the "Affiliate link," click on it.  It will take you to an Application Form that you have to fill out in order to be part of their program.  If you are accepted as one of their affiliates they will send you a confirmation email to let you know. 
Note: Not everyone is approved for affiliate membership.  The site owners will go visit your site to see what it looks likes and if they feel your site would be a good reference site for their product or services.

If the them of your website was "Affiliate Opportunities"-
Then you would pick income opportunities like these to place on your site.
Site Sell  /risidual income

If the theme of your site was: "Building a Great Website"
Then you would pick income opportunity Products related to building tools and help tools.
Template Monster/Plus Affiliate Program

If the theme of your site was "Fun & Games"
If you noticed, our very own website is a Directory.  One of our options in our Directory is Entertainment.  The examples that we list here are the actual programs that we use in our Fun Section of our website.  You can sign up to be affiliates of these programs just like we did.

NCBuy Joke Center
NCBuy Video Game Downloads

If the theme of your site was "Marketing"

If the theme of your site was "Crafts & Hobbies"


Are you ready to learn more?
Now that you have the general idea of what a Niche is, were going to pretend that you have picked your very own Niche theme for your website.  Now we gave you a few example of different link options you could be affiliated with to make income for your site.  But what if the examples that we listed wasn't what you were looking for?  Where do you find what your looking for?  Well don't worry, were going to help you with that as well. 

We want you to study about:
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