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Dairy Month, is an annual tradition developed to celebrate the dairy industry. Keep fit and stay healthy with dairy products and make others do so the same with our collection of cool and cute greetings.

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Definition of Cream
(from Greek chrisma, literally "an anointing") is a dairy product that is composed of the higher-butterfat layer skimmed from the top of milk before homogenization. In un-homogenized milk, over time, the lighter fat rises to the top. In the industrial production of cream this process is accelerated by using centrifuges called "separators". In many countries, cream is sold in several grades depending on total butterfat content. Cream can be dried to a powder for shipment to distant markets.

Butter is made by churning cream to separate apart the butterfat and whey. This can be done by hand or by machine.

Clotted Cream -
A thick, yellow cream made by slowly scalding unpasteurized milk.

Coconut Cream -
Made by simmering shredded coconut and water together, which is then strained to produce a cream.

Creme Fraiche -
Originating from Brittany and Normandy in France. Cream with a culture added to produce a rich and smooth cream.

Devonshire Cream -
From Devonshire, England. Also known as Devon Cream, it is another term used for Clotted Cream.

Heavy Cream -
Another term for Whipping Cream - 40% milk fat.

Light Cream -
Usually around 20% milk fat.

Mock Cream -
Not really a cream but rather a substitute cream made from milk, sugar and butter ( or sometimes lard!! )

Pouring Cream -
Cream in its natural state - easily poured - runny.

Sour Cream -
A cream to which a lactic acid culture has been added to produce its characteristic sour taste.

Thickened Cream -
Pouring Cream to which a thickening agent has been added - usually a gelatine.

Whipped Cream -
Cream made light and fluffy by whipping or beating

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