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It's Halloween and everyone is ready to eat Fresh Picked Booger Balls right?!
Oh yes, this is one time of the year that everyone is allowed to eat boogers.
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Gross-you-out food!
Halloween is all about eating foods with gross-you-out names and foods that look spooky, gorey or gross- and we have to say that "Crusty Booger Balls" fits just perfect for a gross-you-out title. Now lets talk about how it tastes. We make these ourselves and serve them at our own parties and we have to tell you that they taste really good!

Another Title?
If the title "crusty booger balls" is a bit to gross for you then you can name them worm cacoons. If you do just make sure you shape the balls in a long and slinder cacoon shape instead of round like boogers.

1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
5 1/3 cup Flaked coconut (about 14 ounces)
1 pack (large 8 oz) lime jello
1 cup  Ground, blanched almonds
1 teaspoon Almond extract

In large bowl, combine sweetened condensed milk, coconut, 1/3 cup of the unprepared jello, almonds, and almond extract. Mix well with a large mixing spoon or rubber spatula. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and chill for about an hour or until mixture is firm enough to mold in your hands. Scoop by 1/2 teaspoonfuls and shape into various-sized booger balls. Place them on a baking sheet, lined with a sheet of waxed paper. Make sure they are all slightly different, just as each and every booger is unique and special. Place a second sheet of waxed paper on your work surface and pour remaining unprepared jello on the center of waxed paper. Roll each ball in jello to coat well and create a thin outer layer. Then place back on the baking sheet. Return boogers to the refrigerator for an hour before serving, and store any extras in the refrigerator. Makes about 5 dozen just-picked treats.

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Photo was taken by: Photos o' Randomness from flickr /  license
Recipe found at astray.com
photo by: Photos o' Randomness from flickrlicense
Serve Crusty Booger Balls for Halloween!
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