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What Month does the Daffodil represent?
The Daffodil represents the month of March

Are there any holidays related to Daffodils?
Yes!  Plant a Flower Day is March 9th!
February through March is claimed for "Daffodil Days" in the state of Arkansas / US.

The Scientific name for Daffodil is Narcissus
Narcissus is the botanic name for a genus of mainly hardy, mostly spring-flowering, bulbs in the Amaryllis family native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. There are also several Narcissus species that bloom in the autumn. Though Hortus Third cites 26 wild species, Daffodils for North American Gardens cites between 50 and 100 excluding species variants and wild hybrids. Through taxonomic and genetic research, it is speculated that over time this number will likely continue to be refined. Daffodil is a common English name, sometimes used now for all varieties, and is the chief common name of horticultural prevalence used by the American Daffodil Society. The range of forms in cultivation has been heavily modified and extended, with new variations available from specialists almost every year.


The Name Daffodil
The name Daffodil is derived from an earlier "Affodell", a variant of Asphodel. The reason for the introduction of the initial "d" is not known, although a probable source is an etymological merging from the Dutch article "de," as in "De affodil." From at least the sixteenth century "Daffadown Dilly" or "daffadown dilly" has appeared as a playful synonym of the name.

The name jonquil is sometimes used in North America, particularly in the southeastern, but strictly speaking that name belongs only to the rush-leaved Narcissus jonquilla and cultivars derived from it. In the southern United States, narcissus are sometimes referred to as buttercups.

Flowers of the tazetta-group species Narcissus papyraceus are commonly called paperwhites.

Daffodil Description

petals. Though the traditional daffodil of folklore, poetry, and field may have a yellow to golden-yellow color all over, both in the wild species and due to breeding, the perianth and corona may be variously colored. Breeders have developed some daffodils with double, triple, or ambiguously multiple rows and layers of segments, and several wild species also have known double variants.

Fun Facts about Daffodils

How can I Celebrate Daffodils?

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Kingdom: Plantae
Division:   Magnoliophyta
Class:        Liliopsida
Order:                 Asparagales
Family:    Amaryllidaceae
Genus:      Narcissus
All Narcissus species have a central trumpet-, bowl-, or disc-shaped corona surrounded by a ring of six floral leaves called the perianth which is united into a tube at the forward edge of the ovary.  The three outer segnets are sepals, and the three inner segments are
The March Flowers are Jonquils and Daffodils. Celebrate the bright blooms of springtime. Send beautiful and warm, floral ecards from our site to friends/family/loved ones to make their days bloom with joy.