Dracula Bites Day
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When is "Dracula Bites Day"?
Dracula Bites Day is always on October 29th!

Origin of this Holiday?
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this holidays. This holiday is referred to as a "National" day.  However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day. Even though we didn't, this is still a holiday that is publicized to celebrate. So have fun with it and celebrate it!

We did find reference to this holiday on several ECard websites.
It is possible that this holiday was created by the greeting industry to celebrate the 1931 version of Dracula in honor of it being the first classic horror film made by Universal Pictures. Universal's next picture was the successful movie Frankenstein.

What is this Holiday for?
This holiday is for learning all about the history of Dracula and having fun with this spooky bloodsucking character.

What type of holiday is this?
This is a National Holiday celebrated in the USA.
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About Count Dracula
"Count Dracula is a fictional character, the titular antagonist of Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula." "Some aspects of his character may have been inspired by the 15th century Romanian Prince, Vlad III the Impaler." "Since creation by Stoker, the character has fallen into the public domain and subsequently appears frequently in popular culture."

Powers, abilities and weaknesses
Wiki tells us that "Count Dracula possesses numerous different supernatural abilities inherent in vampirism, along with additional skills derived from his abilities as a necromancer which allow him to commune with the dead. His age and potency make him far more powerful than the creatures of traditional Eastern European folklore." "He has enormous physical strength which, according to Van Helsing, is equivalent to 20 men. Being undead, he is immune to conventional means of attack. The only definite way to kill him is by decapitating him followed by impalement through the heart, although it is also suggested that shooting him with a sacred bullet would suffice. The Count can defy gravity to a certain extent, being able to climb upside down vertical surfaces in a reptilian manner. He has powerful hypnotic and mind control abilities, and is also able to command the loyalty of nocturnal animals such as wolves and rats. Dracula can also manipulate the weather, usually creating mists to hide his presence, but also storms such as in his voyage in the Demeter. He can shapeshift at will, his featured forms in the novel being that of a wolf, bat, dust and fog. He requires no other sustenance but fresh blood, which has the effect of rejuvenating him. Without it, he physically ages at an accelerated rate.

One of Dracula's most mysterious powers:
is the ability to transfer his vampiric condition to others." "As seen with Lucy and Mina, transfer of the curse is done through a bite to the throat, allowing the Count to ingest the victim's blood at the same time." "The victim is transformed gradually, exhibiting physical weakness and a fear of holy objects, the transformation being complete when the body is completely drained." "Oddly, all other vampires present in the novel are female, and there is no mention of Dracula's victims on the Demeter ever becoming undead (as they themselves are male)." "However, it is implied through his encounters with Mina Harker that a person to be turned must also consume some of Dracula's blood:"
wikipedia /encyclopedia /count dracula

How can I Celebrate this holiday?


Other October 29 holidays around the world
October 29 is the 302nd day of the year (303rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 63 days remaining until the end of the year.

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