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What are Exit Exchanges?

Exit Exchanges are networks that you sign up with to trade website traffic by means of using a popunder page when a visitor exits your website.  This popunder page will pop up and show a website from another network member.  Depending on which program you join, but normally the ratio is every 2 sites earned, you get a pop-under display of your site to another unique visitor at a members site.

Who can join Exit Exchanges?
Usually anyone who owns their own website can join. Normally they will not accept sites that promote:
Illegal Materials
Credit Card Fraud
Adult Material
Racist or Hate Site

How do they work?
  You should add a piece of code to EVERY page on your site. The code has to be placed between the <head> and </head> HTML tags of all your WebPages to start earning visitors!  So, you do need to know a little bit about HTML or have your webmaster set it up.  This way, no matter how your visitors enter, exit or navigate your site, they will always be shown 1 Exit pop-under - earning you an exchange point. No matter how many pages your visitors browse on your site, they will only be shown 1 pop-under.

Not all Exit Exchanges work this way!  Read Read Read the site completely to make sure that your viewers will only receive 1 popunder!  This is very important.  Some sites tell you to put the code on every page because they monitor the popunders and will only let 1 be viewed by the viewer, some may not monitor the code and you may have pages popping up after the close of every page.  You DO NOT want this to happen because it will annoy your readers and cause them to never want to return to your site again.  It's important that you read  the sites explanation of how it works.  Each one will differ.

Can other popup or pop-under windows be displayed?
Yes, BUT normally not on the landing page (specified in your account) where the system send visitors to.

Can other exit exchanges be used at the same time?
No. Normally they do not allow member sites to use any other pop-under exit exchanges. If you use other pop-under exchanges, while using say....Exit Com simultaneously, your account will be suspended immediately.

Exit Exchange Examples

Exit Com, Exit Exchange - FREE - Affiliate option - Increase your websites traffic by 65% -  You do this by using a popunder network - (The only three-tier point referral system on the Internet) Exit Com exit exchange  is a very powerful, effective and proven pop under exit exchange. Advanced technology promotes targeted, unique and top quality visitors to your site. Conversion ratio beat standard banner advertising  by 50 times! Every 2 popunders you show, your site gets displayed once on other websites in the network. They only show 1 popunder to each visitor. This ensures your visitors are not deluged with tons of popunders but just 1-surfer friendly popunder. This is very important when it comes to your visitors returning back to your site. This site also offers free templates, a free clipart galery and building tools!
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