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  Fondant for Cookies!
Fondant is another type of icing that is used to decorate cookies
"Fondant can be colored by kneading the coloring into the dough. It can be rolled out, and then cut in shapes to match the cookies or their designs. Fondant can be purchased ready-made; however it is not favored for its taste. A homemade fondant that is often praised for its taste and function is marshmallow fondant, which is also used by cake decorators for covering cakes."

"When rolling fondant, a silicone mat or parchment will eliminate the need for dusting the rolling surface with powdered sugar, and this will make it easier to lift and transfer the cut pieces to the cookies."

"The rolled out fondant may be cut into shapes with the same cookie cutters used to cut the cookies. Once cut out, the fondant is placed on top of the cookie. Some types of fondant will adhere right away to the cookie. If the fondant doesn't stick well, the cookie surface may be brushed with a little vanilla extract, corn syrup or piping gel to provide more sticking power."

"Videos at YouTube.com shows how smaller pieces of fondant can be used to complete a single cookie design. In this case, fondant is used to decorate cookies for a cookie bouquet, providing the leprechaun's face, shoes, hat and belt. The fondant is then used use to add more details like little gold buckles, as well as a pot of gold."

"Here is an example of how fondant might be used to decorate a Christmas tree cookie. After baking a batch of Christmas tree shaped cookies, a patch of green fondant is rolled out, and then the Christmas tree cookie cutter that was used to cut the cookies is now used to cut out the fondant."

"The fondant is gently peeled from the cutter being, the decorator taking care not to distort the shape of tree. The fondant is then positioned and adhered to the face of cookie."

"Fondant covered Christmas tree cookies, just like plain or icing covered Christmas tree cookies, lend themselves well to embellishments such as silver dragees and other shiny decorations. Tweezers can be a great help in positioning the tiny ornaments."

Decorating the fondant
"An impression mat can be used with fondant to add design and/or texture. First the fondant is rolled out and then the mat is placed face down on the fondant. Finally, by gently but firmly going over the mat with the rolling pin, the impression is made in the fondant. Then the shapes are cut out."

"For example, to create a lace heart, a patch of white fondant is rolled out first on a silicone mat. Then an embossed fondant roller is slowly rolled across the surface of the fondant. A heart shaped cookie cutter is used to cut out the fondant hearts. The heart shaped fondant is then peeled off the silicone mat carefully so as not to mar the embossed design. Next, the fondant is trimmed and placed on top of the cookie. Finally the fondant-covered cookie may be brushed with a light dusting of pearl luster dust."

"Many of the same decorations used by cake decorators are also used on cookies. Sprinkles, as dragees, colored sugar, beads, non-pareils and finely chopped nuts, as well as more expensive decorations like edible gold leaf, are used to decorate cookies."

Edible silver and gold
"The silver and gold covered dragees and other silver and gold cake and cookie decorations sometimes used have not been FDA approved in the United States. Some of these have been approved for human consumption in other countries, such as Easy Leaf's edible gold and silver in Italy."

"Edible gold and silver have been used for centuries to garnish foods and drinks. The precious metals come in sprinkles, small flakes and leaves and are available at specialty stores and online."

"However this usage is controversial. According to The Washington Post, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff expert said that edible gold and silver had not gone through pre-market safety evaluations at the FDA "because no one has sought pre-market approval."

"The Washington Post article also reported the expert (who reportedly spoke only on the condition of anonymity) as saying he had not taken a position on edible metals, that they pass right through the body, and are "an expensive way to throw away gold." Tobias Freccia, founder of EdibleGold.com, was also quoted in the article saying a "book of 500 gold leaves may cost $495, but a 100 mg shaker of the precious metals sells for $19.95."

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Banana pudding is a dessert common in the Southern United States, generally consisting of repeated layers of sweet custard, cookies (usually Vanilla Wafers) and sliced bananas placed in a dish, baked and served, sometimes with whipped cream or meringue on top.
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