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Find It Jars
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In honor of all the National Weird Holidays in our calendar,
this page is dedicated to Gift Giving and Gifts-in-a-jar.

What is a Find It Jar?
A "Find It Bottle/Jar" is a sand-filled bottle with items to find by shaking it around. It's a type of game or pass time to entertain guests while they are at your house for a dinner party or for the holidays. These jars are given as gifts as well but for the most part they are made by the homeowners themselves to stay in the home for their own company to enjoy.

Find it Jars As Game Competition
Find it jars make a great competition game for small birthday parties or any type of dinner party. The difference would be instead of one jar being made; for a party of 6, you would make 6 Find It Jars. Each person would hold a jar and search for the first item on the list all at the same time. The person who finds the first item is the winner. The person who find the second item is the winner and so on. The person who finds the most clues on the list is the final winner of the game.

At the end of the party the "Find It Jars" can be given away to the guests as parting gifts or just let the winner of the game take home a Find it Jar.

What is the idea of a Find It Jar?
The idea is that someone will read the clue that is listed on the side of the jar, try to figure out what kind of little object it might refer to, then tilt the bottle around until they locate said object in the sand. Alternatively, one can simply try to locate objects first, then try to match them to the clues.

What Type of Jar can be used?
Any type of jar at all can be used. Decorative jar are the most popular but plain round canning jars can be used as well.

What Type of sand is used?
Any type of sand can be used. You can use plain white sand or even colored sand or glitter to make it pretty. You can even make your very own theme jars that are a little different which may be filled with somethings else instead of sand. Such as fine dirt.

Theme Find It Jars
A good example of a theme find it jar is "Pigs In Mud." or "Bugs in Dirt." idea. You take little plastic toy pigs and place them in a jar of dark brown dirt. Each pig is a different color and you have to try and find the different color pigs. Same idea for the bugs.

What Kind of items are placed in a clue jar?
Anything you can think of; that a clue can be given for can be placed in the jar. You must have a Find It Jar "Clue List."

Clue List
Use your emagination and come up with your own set of clues for your Find it jar. The list below will help you get started.
For example, a clue for the match might be: "Made in heaven?"

1. Made in heaven?   Match
2. Often lost in haystacks?   Needle
3. Just add water?   Pasta
4. The Michelin Man's orchestra?   Rubber band
5. Beats scissors?   Rock
6. Announced by Mr. Redbreast?   Spring
7. Letter tile: Marks the spot (ideally on triple letter score)
8. Orville's bread and butter?   Popcorn kernel
9. Ladybug: Its house is on fire; its children are gone
10. Sailboat
11. Screw: Phillip's fastener
12. Lite Brite peg
13. Hair clip
14. Button battery
15. Safety pin
16. Paper clip
17. Coin (Hong Kong)
18. Bobbed tail decoration? (or: Makes spirits bright)   Jingle bell
19. Marble
20. Microchip: Petite Pringle?
21. House (from Monopoly): A necessary investment for future hotel tycoons (or maybe: Where the hotel tycoon cut his teeth)
22. Lego brick: Alone, the most useless toy ever
23. Sunflower seed
24. Thumbtack: Despite the name, it's better used on cork boards
25. Eye
26. Bead
27. Eternally at war with pencils?   Eraser
28. Helmet for Tom Thumb?   Thimble
29. Subject of screwy jokes?   Light bulb
30. Toy car
31. Pig
32. Top hat (from Monopoly): Conceals your hair
33. Sally sells them?   Seashell
34. Game token ("Man", from Sorry)
35. Ball chain
36. Hot dog: Love-starved children wished they were one
37. Helmet: Joe's brain bucket
38. Acorn: Mighty seed
39. Die: Random number generator
40. Paper brad
41. Pin: Angel's dancefloor
42. Screw eye
43. Staple: Ironically, you can buy this at OfficeMax
44. Sometimes you feel like this. (Sometimes you don't.)?   Nut
45. Button: Frosty's nose
46. Gun
47. Sometimes found in your throat?   Frog
This great photo is by: Randy Cox from flickr  /  license
photo provided by: Randy Cox from flickr  /  license
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