Great American Pie Month
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Great American Pie Month .........................................
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A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savory ingredients.
Let's Eat!
Happy Great American Pie Day

Oh yes Americans have long had a love affair for pies. You could probably debate what pie is the #1 great American pie: Is it apple, cherry, pumpkin, peach, chocolate, lemon or pecan?
We decided to go with apple. Why did we go with apple?
Well as the famous saying goes......
"It's as American as baseball and Apple Pie."
Visit the Pie Page for great pie facts and recipes. 

When is Great American Pie Month?
It's always the month of February.

A look into other pie holidays
  • December 1 - eat a pie day
  • December 1 - eat a red apple day.
  • January 23rd is Pie Day!

Definition: Pie
Meat, fish, fowl, fruit, or vegetables baked with a crust of pastry, or pastry shells filled with custard or pudding. 


Americans celebrate National Pie Day on January 23.  It's traditional to share the warmth of the ultimate 'comfort food' by giving a pie to a friend or neighbor. The American Pie Council suggests. "Your generosity will be long remembered."

The APC  is dedicated to preserving America's love affair with pies. Its website says the APC  is "designed to raise awareness, enjoyment and consumption of pies. Members exchange recipes... and participate in American Pie Council events." There's even an official newsletter called Pie Times, and members and friends are urged "to compete with other pie lovers in the annual National Pie Championships and win your claim to the designation of one of the best pie makers in the nation."

More than 16,000 slices of pie were devoured at this year's Great American Pie Festival. in a town aptly named Celebration, in Florida. The Never Ending Pie Buffet offered visitors a choice of flavours:
lemon meringue
coconut cream
french silk (chocolate)


What other pies are  popular?
Pot pies! These are meat and veggie pies.

Photo by Scott Bauer USDA