Spooky Halloween Cupcake Ideas!

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Spider & Spider Web CupcakesCreepy crawlie spiders make chills run down the spines of most everybody don't ya think, so what a perfect cupcake to put on a Halloween party table! Now look at this picture.... what a unique way of using string licorice and large gum drops as the spiders.

Spider Candy: Sometimes theme candy is great to use as decoration for the top of cupcakes. A good example is the photo below that shows spiders made of melted chocolate, peanuts, rice crispy cereal and chow mein noodles..

Monster Cupcakes:  Little boys love monster cupcakes at Halloween but really monster cupcakes are loved at any time of the year and are really fast to make. Especially Cookie Monster cupcakes like these pictured.
This great photo is by:  princess_of_llyr  from flickr / license

Ghost CupcakesMelted and cooled white chocolate makes the perfect ghosts to stick in the top of a cupcake. Nothing could be easier! Use orange icing for that festive Halloween color or use chocolate. Both work wonderful and taste great too.

Colors Of Halloween:  Nothing says Halloween like cupcakes made in traditional colors. What are Halloween traditional colors? Orange, white, black, brown and yellow. This photo represents all the colors of Halloween. Another great tip in making cupcakes, is using great Halloween suckers. Just put them in the tip of any plain cupcake, sprinckle with festive sprinckles and you have one fast cupcake. This great photo is by:  princess_of_llyr  from flickr / license

Pumpkin Cupcakes: These beautiful pumpkin cupcakes show that even  simple pumpkin candy adds a nice touch.
This great photo is by:  massdistraction  from flickr / license

Día de los Muertos sugar skulls: devils food cupcakes, vanilla icing, decorated as Día de los Muertos sugar skulls. Children love bright colors and this is one cupcake that is packed full of color.
This great photo is by:  rockamandy  from flickr / license

Spooky Witch Cupcake IdeasWitch Cupcakes are spell binding!

No Icing Cupcakes: Spooky Halloween drawings on top of dark cupcakes with no icing adds a simple but great touch. Light on the sugar but still very showey.
This great photo is by:  massdistraction  from flickr / license

Mummie, Spider
This great photo is by:  joeywan  from flickr / license

This great photo is by:  meqpi  from flickr / license

Monster Cupcakes
This great video is by:  KraftCookingSchool from youtube.com

Do you have great halloween cupcake photos? send to us and if chosen we will add it to this page.

My name is MoeGo the Mummy and I am the page keeper for this page. Mummies are the best at walking all over the Internet in Mummie fashion ....finding all the best decorated cupcakes out there. In honor of all the Halloween Recipes this page is dedicated to spooky cupcakes. Click on photos to see larger image.
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