Hummmmm....... Are you still standing in the rain????
Come's not safe to be outside.. & I know how the rain runs cold shivvvers up a persons spine.
Don't be afraid to come in.  I have many other over night guest's so you won't be alone I assure you.

Just open my door & you can pass off the storm with many-ah-things.
If you like to cook we have many different Halloween party recipe's.
If you like to drink, we have many different Spooky Drink recipe's as well.
Tamera the Witch is a guest in my house and she always has her caldrun bubbeling up some delishiousssss witche'ss brew.   We can even pass off the time by carving a nice fat pumpkin if you wish. I can show you to the pumpkin room.  Sometimes......when it's dark and friend's and I like to tell spooky stories around the fire.
Are you ready to come inside now??
My Home awaits you.

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Halloween Pathway

Are you brave enough to walk down the Halloween Pathway all alone in the dark?
If you are then you are sure to find pumpkin patches and graveyards along the way.  Now make sure you take the correct path ok.  For your own safety you don't want to stumble on any Haunted Houses in the dark.  If you tap on different stones, you may find some suprises.