Kitchen Witch Cookbooks

Yes there are cookbooks available for real Kitchen Witches.  These cookbooks are full of recipes for healing meals, lotions and potions.

Kitchen Witch Cookbook page.
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It's doesn't have to be Halloween to have a spooky party. Nope, Witch Whaling parties are held all throughout the year & it simply means a party where everyone has an excuse to tell ghost stories, watch scary movies & eat spooky food. We witches like to share our potions and recipes too.

"Light the candles because it's time to host a haunting meal where green smoke slowly rumbles through the air & the smell of witches brew boils from the caldron. Our recipes will conjure up a witch whaling of a party that all young witches & warlocks will remember. Follow our tips at hosting a spooktactular meal and see which ghosts and goblins sit down at your dinner table."
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