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  International Bacon Day!
Are you celebrating one of the National Food Holidays?  This page is created to help you celebrate all meat holidays and Breakfast Holidays too!

When is  International Bacon Day?
International Bacon Day or Bacon Day is a holiday celebrated on the Saturday before US Labor Day (the first Monday of September). The fifth annual Bacon Day: September 5, 2009.

How is this holiday celebrated?
It's celebrated by having a bacon party and eating bacon in every way imaginable!
Did you know that bacon is a cut of meat taken from the sides, belly, or back of a pig, then cured, smoked, or both? And did you know that Meat from other animals, such as beef, lamb, chicken, goat, or turkey, may also be cut, cured, or otherwise prepared to resemble bacon, and may even be referred to as "bacon" too?  Wow!

Wikipedia says "Bacon Day is the traditional day on which bacon lovers express bacon mania. This is typically exhibited during social gatherings during which participants create and consume creative dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts. All are welcome at a standard Bacon Day celebration, even vegetarians, with consumption of soy bacon or turkey bacon encouraged for inclusiveness. The festivities may last all day."

Food Ideas for your Bacon Party:
Now if your planning a Breakfast Bacon Party; you can't go wrong with bacon dishes like bacon and eggs or even the new breakfast favorite called chicken fried bacon. If your planning a Bacon Lunch then get the bread toasting and serve the ever so popular BLT sandwiche. If your planning a dinner party then you want to think about serving a cobb salad. Now for a bacon finger food party you could go with bacon wrapped foods (scallops, shrimp, and asparagus). Recent bacon dishes include chocolate covered bacon, and the bacon explosion.

"In the U.S. and Europe, bacon is often used as a condiment or topping on other foods. Streaky bacon is more commonly used as a topping in the U.S., on items such as pizza, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, baked potatoes, hot dogs, and soups. A kind of sliced smoked ham Americans call Canadian bacon is used less frequently in the U.S., but can sometimes be found on pizza, salads, and omelets."

Bacon sandwich as treatment for hangovers:
Now if you have partied to much on bacon day then what would be more fitting that a bacon treatment for hangovers! "A study by Newcastle University found that foods high in protein—such as bacon— break down into amino acids. The combination of fat and amino acids can speed up a sluggish metabolism depleted of neurotransmitters due to overconsumption of alcohol, suggesting that a bacon sandwich can help the body lessen the effects of a hangover." Who would of guessed!

Origin of this Holiday
Thanks to wikipedia we finally found the creator and origin of this holiday-
"Founded in 2004 by a group of CU Boulder (Colorado) graduate students, Bacon Day has since been publicized on numerous bacon-themed web sites, e.g. The Royal Bacon Society and Bacon Today, which have helped to increase its visibility. It has also caught the attention of the National Pork Board, whose article "2nd Annual Bacon Day Celebrates Bacon’s Appeal" erroneously declared Bacon Day to have been founded in 2008 (founded in 2004, the event is in its fifth year).

The International Bacon Day Blog estimates that Bacon Day was celebrated in five countries in 2008: the US, Australia, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

We also found a website titled: internationalbaconday.blogspot.com that talks in debth about bacon and refers to "International Bacon Day" .

This holiday is referred to as a "International" day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day. Even though we didn't, this is still a holiday that is publicized to celebrate. So have fun with it and celebrate it!

We found recognition about this holiday from:
Calendar sites and personal Internet sites that blog and share information about this holiday.

Bacon mania
"The United States has seen an increase in popularity of bacon and bacon related recipes, dubbed "bacon mania". Dishes such as bacon explosion, chicken fried bacon, and chocolate covered bacon have been popularized over the internet, as has using candied bacon. Recipes spread quickly through the national media, culinary blogs, and YouTube. Restaurants are organizing bacon and beer tasting nights, The New York Times reported on bacon infused with Irish whiskey used for Saint Patrick's Day cocktails, and celebrity chef Bobby Flay has endorsed a "Bacon of the Month" club online, in print, and on national television."

"Commentators explain this surging interest in bacon by reference to what they deem American cultural characteristics. Sarah Hepola, in a 2008 article in Salon.com, suggests a number of reasons, one of them that eating bacon in the modern, health-conscious world is an act of rebellion: "Loving bacon is like shoving a middle finger in the face of all that is healthy and holy while an unfiltered cigarette smolders between your lips." She also suggests bacon is sexy (with a reference to Sarah Katherine Lewis' book Sex and Bacon), kitsch, and funny. Hepola concludes by saying that "Bacon is American":

"Bacon is our national meat. The pig is not an elegant animal, but it is smart and resourceful and fated to wallow in mud. A scavenger. A real scrapper."

See also

Research also:
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Resources: This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article bacon ©/and other related pages. Top Photo
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Covered Bacon
Chocolate-covered bacon is an American dish that consists of cooked bacon with a coating of either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. It can be topped with sea salt, crumbled pistachio or almond bits-

Perfect for International Bacon Day!