International Chicken and Waffles Day!
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A great way to celebrate a Breakfast holiday is by hosting a great breakfast!

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When is this holiday celebrated?
International Chicken And Waffles Day is celebrated on the first Friday following the first Thursday in October!

Origin of this Holiday
Creator, or the origin of this day: Wow we had a heck of a time finding any information about this holiday. We did however find an official website at
In honor of this holiday, there is The Roscoe- The Roscoe is a prize that is awarded for distinguished contributions to International Chicken And Waffles Day.

This holiday is referred to as a "National" day, as all food holidays are- However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day. Even though we didn't, this is still a holiday that is publicized to celebrate.  So enjoy the day and have fun with it.

We found recognition about this holiday from:
calendar sites and personal Internet sites that blog and share information about this holiday. Many of these blogs talk about different breakfast recipes and the many ways breakfast is enjoyed.

Note: Other Chicken or Waffle related holidays
First week in September is - National Waffle Week
International Waffle Day - March 25
National Waffle Day - August 24
Maple Syrup Saturday-3rd Saturday in March
National Maple Syrup Day-December 17
National Chicken Month-September 1-30
National Fried Chicken Day-July 6 

About Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and waffles is a dish combining waffles, typically a breakfast food, with (usually fried) chicken. It is served in certain specialty restaurants in the United States. Two include Gladys Knight & Ron Winans' Chicken & Waffles and Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles.

The dish is most commonly made by serving fried chicken with a waffle, the waffle then typically being covered with butter or syrup (as is common practice among those who eat waffles for breakfast in the United States). This unusual combination of foods is beloved by many people who are influenced by traditions of soul food passed down from past generations of their families.

A version of this dish mostly known within areas that have Pennsylvania Dutch influences consists of a plain waffle with pulled, stewed chicken on top, covered in gravy.

The exact origins of the dish are unknown
One version:      "As unusual as it might seem, the marriage of chicken and waffles actually has deep roots. Thomas Jefferson brought a waffle iron back from France in the 1790s and the combination began appearing in cookbooks shortly thereafter. The pairing was enthusiastically embraced by African Americans in the South. For a people whose cuisine was based almost entirely on the scraps left behind by landowners and plantation families, poultry was a rare delicacy; in a flapjack culture, waffles were similarly exotic. As a result, chicken and waffles for decades has been a special-occasion meal in African American families, often supplying a hearty Sunday morning meal before a long day in church..." .

Benny's Home notes: 
"It is interesting to note that this combination and/or recipe does not appear in Abby Fisher's 1881 cookbook What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking. Mrs. Fisher was a former slave and her book is generally considered the first cookbook written by an African-American. These foods appear (but not together) in Mrs.Porter's 1871 cookbook Mrs. Porter's Southern Cookery Book

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