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KEBABS on Fire!
I can't tell you how many times I've been to BBQ's and found the cook all up set because the skewers were on fire. giggle~

TIP: Soak your wooden skewers.
If your a beginner in grilling, you probably don't know to do this. The reason that the wooden skewers burn, or even worse catch on fire, is because they are made of wood and wood burns when placed over fire.
Most people don't even think about this at all. To keep this from happening.....just soak your skewers in water for a while before you load on all the meat and veggies.
The key to well cooked kebabs is to cut your meat into even-sized pieces. The key to some tasty kebabs is to soak them in some Italian Dressing! Yep that's what I said. Not only is Italian Dressing good for salads but its also good for using as a Marinate. Remember the rules of a Marinate???
"A tenderizing marinate must contain an acidic ingredient."
Well there you have it! Without making your own fancy Marinate, all you have to do is buy Italian Dressing and you have all you need in one! Italian Dressing Varieties have WINE, VINEGAR and spices already mixed together.

What a perfect ready to go marinate!

TIP: Use flat bladed skewers to help keep food from twisting as you turn it.