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Kitchen Witch Cookbooks
On this page you will find cookbooks for real Kitchen Witches.
The very first definition of the word  "Witch" was "Wise One." Kitchen Witches get their name from their concern for the home, and from their tendency to find spell components in their kitchen.  Spells crafted by them tend to be a little less focused on ritual and more focused on practicality. They also tend to focus their magick on regular household tasks, especially cooking with a large focus on herbs and spices. They can be from any religion or creed, including some that don't accept the reality of magick. They often use herbal magick, including (but of course not limited to) making teas, brews, potions see meaning of potions here) and food.  Food is everywhere in the circle of life, and by preparing food, a "kitchen witch" is working rituals through the use of cooked foods and herbs that is given to others to eat and even bubbeling brews that they themselves eat.  Kitchen witches usually keep a pot of basil herbs growing in the kitchen area to keep it safe from negative spirits.  Quartz crystal placed on or near the stove when cooking makes food taste better.  Kitchen Witchery isn't really a religion; it's a way of living.  Find more definitions at: thefreedictionary.com  /  encyclopedia.com  /  wikipedia.org
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Witch in the Kitchen:
Magical Cooking for All Seasons
(Paperback) by Cait Johnson (Author)
The Real Witches' Kitchen: Spells, Recipes, Oils, Lotions and Potions from the Witches' Hearth (Paperback)
by Kate West (Author)
"More than just a cookbook, Johnson has created a primer on how to work with food and kitchen energy in a holistic spiritually satisfying way.  She starts with a 35-page ode to the magic of the
Book Description
This modern Witch's hearth is in the kitchen, and for many Witches it is their workcenter. This book contains 100 spells and recipes where herbs, plants, and other ingredients are specially blended to create medicines to heal the body and the spirit, and foods and wines to celebrate the festivals of the Wheel of the Year.
kitchen altars, cleaning, even how to make a kitchen goddess apron.  And then she gets right down to it-the recipes.  Organized by season, her year (like the Witches' Year) starts in Autumn. Each season contains meditations, ideas for ritual, decorations, as well as the luscious recipes.  First-rate, through and through, with the gentle touch of a truly gifted priestess-and a talented cook.  Recommended."
The Kitchen Witch Companion: Simple and Sublime Culinary Magic (Paperback) by Patricia Telesco (Author)
Customer Review
I love learning about herbal/natural medicines to incorporate in my day to day life. I forgot that the kitchen is composed of herbs aswell until I read this book. A simple positive spell and herbs stirred in the positive direction can increase your life's pleasures aswell as create a delightful meal. The meals are good. The recipies are fun. Well written. I enjoyed it.
Kitchen Witch's Cookbook (Paperback)
by Patricia Telesco (Author)
Customer Review
....this is packed with delicious ways to bring magick into your life, she has a great appendix at the end filled with useful info. for each recipe she tells you the magick it does and the celebrations it goes with. she works with numbers, colors, aromatherapy etc. to make your cooking spell more successful.
Kitchen Witch's Guide To Brews And Potions (Paperback)
by Patricia Telesco (Author)
Book Description
Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions takes you on an adventure in concocting delectable, symbolic beverages suited for every occasion. Be it a healthy brew, a love potion, a solstice elixir, or a mystical mead, these recipes encourage positive energy in and around your life in a fresh, fun, and creative way. You'll learn how to make potions such as: * Four Quarter Harmony-a lovely libation to bring the elements into balance. * Carrot Awareness-to open that third eye so you can see clearly. * Fortune Draught-for prosperity and good luck. * Harvest Horn-to celebrate the Fall Equinox. * Peaceful Pleasure-when you want to calm things down. Quench your physical and spiritual thirst with these enchanting beverages, but don't stop there. Kitchen Witch's Guide to Brews and Potions gives you enjoyable sips of the history of various drinks, the religious use of beverages throughout the world, and how to transform your pantry into a magickal paradise suitable for any spell.
Wee Little Kitchen Witch:
Good Luck for All Your Recipes! (Paperback)  by Morgan Beard (Author)
Book Description
Using the bounty of the natural world to enhance every spell you cast in your kitchen, your wee ceramic figure also represents a long tradition of protecting cooks and their families and friends! She will keep your soup from burning, your milk from curdling, and your meals from falling flat. And the 32-page book will show you how a little magic and a lot of care will nourish you, body and soul!
Practical Magic for the Kitchen Witch (Paperback)  by P. M. Schamel (Author)
Book Description
Practical Magic for the Kitchen Witch shows you how to make easy natural medicinal remedies right out of your own kitchen. The every day cooking herbs, spices and flowers found in your cupboards and gardens can be use to heal with out breaking your budget.
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