Lobster, The Romantic Meal
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Are you planning a romantic dinner for a special occasion? Lobster has long been the meal of choice for a special romantic night and we have some great dinner tips to help you make your meal memorable.

Lobster not only looks delicious on the plate but it tastes delicious too. Lobster goes great teamed up with steak or other seafood, and can be served with many different types of vegetables.  A steamed veggie mix is a favorite for many people so if you decide to serve mixed vegetables just make sure you have plenty of lemon slices and melted butter on hand because the tastes goe perfect together.

"A simple dinner typically consists of a fish, or other high-protein entrée, served with one or two vegetables and/or with grain or cereal product - especially bread, but potatoes, rice, are also common. Any or all of these components may be served with a hot or cold gravy or sauce." Nice cream sauces or butter sauces are a must when it comes to lobster.

Beautiful fresh flowers add just the right touch to a table and soft candle light is a must for the table as well. Serve your favorite wine and settle yourself in for nice long romantic meal. Add a bit of soft music in the background would make the meal very relaxing as well.

Cloth Napkins beat paper napkins any day so make sure you go with cloth.

Just click on the photos to the left to see a larger image. Once on the image, hover over the left and right side for next picture.


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Barbecue Lobster: There are many ways to cook a lobster on the grill and this page will give you a few ideas to choose from.  Lobster can be grilled, boiled, steamed, or baked, if your grilling you can grill whole lobster, lobster tails or split lobster.  All are very delicious and easily cooked along side other grill meats as well.  See Barbecue Lobster Recipes Here!

Butter sauces:  Butter sauces are popular when cooking seafood's such as lobster. Thin butter sauces are used as basting sauces or for dipping seafood in. Thick butter sauces are popular poured over vegetables such as corn, potatoes, asparagus. Butter sauces are even popular tossed in pasta as well. 
See Butter Sauce Recipes
Lobster Day is celebrated with a variety of lobster dishes and fun activities. Celebrate the day with your lobster loving near and dear ones and send them your warm wishes with these fun ecards.
Lobster Ecards