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Lost Sock Memorial Day!
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About this Unusual Holiday
Lost Sock Memorial Day is held in memory of your favorite lost sock. This day recognizes that we all have favorite socks that are near and dear to our heart and when one goes missing we hang on the last one until the very end of time, in hopes that the other one will some how show up again. But does this day ever come? Where do all those missing socks disappear to?  Does the washing machine eat them?  This is one mystery that no one has ever found the answer to.

Because we hold on for dear life to our favorites, we end up with a drawer full of unmatched sock and missing socks.  On this Lost Sock Memorial Day, we suggest that you gain the strength to look at all those socks with missing partners for the very last time and say "goodbye."  Make one last ditch effort to search high and low for it's partner and then get on with it. Toss Them Out! You will always carry the memory of the times you wore those sock together, as a pair. You will always be able to reflect on how warm and cozy they were even with the holes in the heal.  It's time to trash what's left and go shopping for new favorite pairs.

Origin of Lost Sock Memorial Day:
Despite our research efforts, we found no one who was brave enough to claim responsibility for starting this day of remembrance.  The Internet has this holiday listed many times as a May holiday but with no links to it's origin.

Do People Actually Celebrate this Holiday??
Well... actually, gulp- they do!
Socks have been celebrated for years and years and all throughout the year and by many countries, but it's only been the last few years that "Lost Sock Memorial Day" has been penciled in on calendars and celebrated as a crazy fun May 9 holiday.

This holiday is one of those "all in fun" holidays and let's face it. Socks are comfort zones for everybody but not only that, novelty socks are big sales items. If your at a fun party, novelty socks are likely to show up somewhere. Theme socks are big sales items as well. For example: music lovers will buy themselves socks with piano keys or playing notes on it; or at least received them as a gift for a birthday present or at a sock party.

We read more and more about sock parties and how novelty socks steal the show. Socks have been popular mostly in the cold months but lately with the word getting out about "Lost Sock Memorial Day," this holiday is getting a lot of attention and gaining popularity each May 9th. We are hearing about more and more sock parties being held on this day and by all ages.

When college students have sock parties they usually like to do that disgusting party act of-- gulping a beer down with a dirty sock stuffed in it! Yulk! hahaha! Hey but this is what makes this holiday fun.
When little girls have sock parties they usually have a tea party in their little lace tea socks and practice crossing their legs as they show off their laced and bowed socks. Little dress socks are given as party favors.

Senior Citizens are known for sock parties as well. Homemade knitted socks are a specialty at their sock parties and giving sock gifts are a must. Retirement Homes and housing for the elderly, disabled and handicap get in on all the fun too. Refreshments and drinks are served and the sock party is on. The elderly are often cold so warm practical socks are given more than novelty socks but a good laugh at a funny pair of socks is healing in itself.

How Can I Celebrate this Holiday?

Have A Sock Party!
Believe it or not, on this day people actually have sock parties!
Hey any excuse to have a party right! You bet cha! Traditionaly, Sock parties usually ask the guests to come in shorts or skirts, come shoeless and wear their favorite wild and crazy socks. Wild and crazy socks go perfect with a wild and crazy holiday like Lost Sock Memorial Day.

Show And Tell Memorial
On this Lost Sock Memorial Day, remember the good days.  haha! Discuss the good days with your family and friends. One nice idea is to gather all your friends and family over and ask them to bring their sock with a missing partner. You can all have a show and tell memorial day and tell why this sock was so special to you. You never know, you might get lucky. One of your guests may just have your matching sock.

Have A Gifting Sock Day!
We all know how much we dread to open that gift at Christmas time and find those dredded socks we wouldn't be caught dead in don't we? We hate it when people don't know how to shop for cool socks. How imbarrasing it was when we opened it in front of everyone right? Well don't be embarassed anymore. Forget those bad memories because on this holiday we're supose to get and give good socks and bad socks so the excitement is back! 

Send out those invitations and have everyone bring a new pair of socks wrapped in nice gift wrapping. Do a gift exchange just like you would at Christmas. Have snack food and party drinks. Decorate a flat sheet cake in the shape of a sock and draw some neat pictures on the sock. Maybe it would be fun to make the cake look like a sock with a hole in it and a big toe sticking out. Use your imagination.

Play Games
For fun play the lost sock game. This is the same as hiding go seek. Just hide a sock and let everyone try to find it. For even more added fun, hide a dozen pairs of socks but don't hide the pairs together. Separate them. Have everyone look for the socks at the same time. Anyone who finds matching pairs can win a prize. Hey, you better watch your guests really good on this game. When cool socks are the prize they have been known to cheat and pass across sock mates to each other. So No Cheating Allowed!

Buy You and your Friends Novelty Socks!
Novelty socks are not easy to find and you know you have to get ready for that sock party. You have to have the best pair of socks on. Well here's a link where you can buy some really neat novelty socks with many themes to choose from.

Send Lost Sock Memorial Day Party Invitations!
It's Party Time and we love a fun excuse to have a party so grab your sock and get moving! Invite your friends, family, sweetheart, loved ones with these warm, interactive and fun Party invites and make sure they come. Their all FREE!!
See complete invitation list
Poem: The Island of Lost Socks
by Arden Davidson

If you look down in your washing machine
you'll probably see a trap door.
It's actually always been there.
You just never saw it before.

It's easy to find your way through.
You just open it with three knocks.
And behind it you'll find a river that leads
to the Island of Lost Socks.

The natives of this island
are the socks that got away
from the awful, terrible life
of smelling feet all day.

Now they run around in the sunshine
enjoying magnificent views,
and knowing they'll never again
have to fill anybody's shoes.

They never get holes, runs or snags.
They never get sold at half price.
They always are warm and fresh smelling,
'Cause this is sock paradise.

So the next time you notice a few of your socks
have vanished without a trace,
don't bother to look in the laundry,
'cause they're in a much happier place.

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When is Lost Sock Memorial Day?
Lost Sock Memorial Day is always observed on May 9th.
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Are there other related Holidays?  Yes!
No Sock Day is May 8th.
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