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National Cat Health Month
When is National Cat Health Month?
The month of February is always Cat Health Month.

Are there other Holidays related?
Yes! See Animal Holidays

For the Love of Cats
It’s time to celebrate the love you have for your cat and make sure he or she is healthy, happy and safe. Let February be a reminder to you to make that vet appointment and have your pet checked out.  And since February is also National Pet Dental Health Month, have the vet check out your pets teeth too.

Take your vets advice. Let them teach you how to take care of all your cats and kitten the correct way from home. We all want our cats happy, healthy and safe so we can enjoy them as a member of our family for many years.  And even when our beloved pet becomes sick we all should know how to make the quality of life for our pets the very best.


A look into Natural Treatment with Graviola
"Graviola is very aggressive at breaking up tumors." "It appears that, as with many health problems, the body (in its wisdom) is trying to protect itself by creating a tumor to encase the toxins that can harm the body." "Breaking up the tumor releases toxins back into the body, making the person feel very sick." "When tumors are surgically removed, this also takes out the toxins which why this is the most effective medical treatment for cancer."

"So a company created a product that contains graviola (called Gravizon) but also has herbs from the rainforest that helps the body to drain these toxins faster, strengthen the immune system and recover from sickness."

The Protestant bible (New International Version) says "All the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations." (Revelation 22:2) The Catholic bible (The New American Bible) says "the leaves of the trees serve as medicine for the nations." (Revelations 22:2)

Product: Graviola 2oz.
Read the Story about Graviola and Cancer.


Basic Cat Tips

How can I Celebrate Cat Health Month?


Kitty Glop
This is a popular liquid food/pudding that is very good for sick cats.

1 can evaporated milk,8oz. (not diet)
2 tbsp. plain yogurt (not diet)
2 tbsp. mayonaise (real not light or No-Fat)
1 tbs. Karo Syrup (light)
1 pkg. Knox gelatin
2 egg yolks (beaten, )
1 cup unflavored Pedialyte
1 jar Stage One Chicken or Turkey Baby food

Mix milk, yogurt, mayonaise, baby food and syrup together well.
Mix egg yolk with milk mixture and beat well.
Bring 1 cup pedialyte to boil and mix in Knox gelatin. Set aside.

Add gelatin and water to milk mixture and beat well.
Add in egg yolk mixture and beat well. 

Pour into bowl (with cover) and set in refrigerator. Kitty Glop will last for two weeks covered in refrigerator or over a month frozen.
Try freezing the mixture in ice cube trays and store the cubes in the freezer, thaw as many as needed.
Always warm pudding to room temperature ,(about 10 seconds in microwave), before feeding.


Maitake was recommended for my cats diet as part of his homapathic cancer treatment. / Herbal Medicine
Some Asian mushrooms such as shiitake, enokitake and maitake have been used for a long time in Chinese and Japanese medicine to ensure good health and prolong life expectancy. Several studies indicate that these mushrooms strongly stimulate the immune system.

Green Magma powder was recommended for my cats diet as part of his homapathic cancer treatment from the local health/herb store.

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Disclaimer: This website is not intended to replace professional consultation, diagnosis, or treatment by a licensed veterinarian. If you require any veterinary related advice, contact your veterinarian promptly. Information at is exclusively of a general reference nature. Do not disregard veterinary advice or delay treatment as a result of accessing information at this site.
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