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When is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month?
The month of April is always National Grill Cheese Sandwich month.

What is this Holiday for?
To honor and enjoy the grill cheese sandwich!  Let this month be the month you try a new twist on the grill cheese sandwich. We all love it plain but how about trying it with a little zing?  In honor of National Grill Cheese Month grill you and your family some special grill cheese sandwiches and enjoy this old time favorite thats loved by many.  Visit our grill cheese page for recipe ideas. Try it with a cheese you never ate before. Be daring! You just may find a new favorite.  Try adding a sandwich spreads recipe to your sandwich too!  Wow what new flavors you can come up with. A sandwich is not a great sandwich unless it has a fantastic spread on each sides of the bread so give it a try.

Definition of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
A grilled cheese sandwich (also known as a cheese toastie or toasted cheese sandwich) is usually a form of toasted or fried sandwich that consists of two slices of bread, usually buttered, and cheese melted in between. There are various methods of preparation which vary depending on taste and convention.

In the United States
It is most common for the assembled sandwich to be buttered on the outside and placed on a griddle, pan, cast iron skillet, or rarely, in a dedicated sandwich maker to be heated. Once the bread on the bottom half of the sandwich has reached a toast-like texture, the sandwich is flipped and continues cooking until the other side has toasted and the cheese has melted. Another method is to butter one slice of bread on both sides, grill the bottom side until the butter melts, then flip. Wait for the inside to be grilled, flip and add the cheese. Then butter the other slice of bread and grill, then place the slices of bread together.

In the United Kingdom
The sandwich would most commonly be grilled either under a grill (broiler) or, more usually, in a toasted sandwich maker, and possibly open-faced as cheese on toast. In the UK, the sandwich would not normally be cooked in the American fashion, using a frying pan.

What type of Cheese is used?
Cheddar is most commonly used. In the US it is traditional to use American cheese, but other cheeses such as gouda, Velveeta and Swiss are also used.

What type of condiment is used inside the sandwich?
Some people choose to put mayonnaise on their sandwich before cooking.
Condiments such as mustard, tomato sauce, or Worcestershire sauce has also been spread on the sandwich and some homemade herb spreads.
Butter is usually always used either inside or outside the sandwich.

Additional ingredients?
It may be supplemented with additional ingredients, most notably bacon and/or tomato, but also avocado, tuna, lunchmeat, sliced ham, pickles, herbs, spices. see grill cheese recipes

What is it accompanied by?
It is traditionally accompanied by tomato soup becuae it is popular to dip the sandwich in the hot tomato soup. Some recipes call for grilled cheese sandwiches to be served with ketchup as a condiment. It is commonly seasoned with black pepper. Potato chips are sometimes served with the sandwich at sandwich shops or even french fries.

What is it's History?
The grilled cheese sandwich is a variation on the very old combination of bread and cheese. The modern grilled cheese sandwich (American cheese and sliced white bread) began in the 1920s as an open sandwich. The additional slice of bread became common in the 1960s. In the early 1970s, a Canadian restaurant owner by the name of Dach Johnston was credited for the addition of bacon to the sandwich; however, evidence of this has not yet been proven.
This great photo was taken by: roboppy from Flickr  /  license
Food Holidays
SHOP Cheese!
The Grilled Cheese Invitational
The grilled cheese sandwich has rapidly grown in popularity during recent years, largely as a result of the Grilled Cheese Invitational. The Grilled Cheese Invitational is a cook-off held yearly in Los Angeles, California where contestants attempt to cook the best grilled cheese sandwich in various categories. There is also an award for the overall most creative grilled cheese sandwich, called the "Spaz Award.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate this holiday?
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Types of Sandwiches
Sandwiches are the most popular during National Sandwich MonthSandwiches come served cold or hot open faced. In fact there are so many different sandwich recipes it would be hard to list them all but we do have a list of the most popular. List of Sandwiches
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Resources:  This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article / and other related pages. Top photo: homestead stock
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month
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