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  National Hoagie Sandwich Day!
When is National Hoagie Sandwich Day? Always May 5th!

What is this Holiday for?
To honor and enjoy Hoagie sandwiches!  Let this month be the month you try a new type of sandwich that you've never had before. You just may find a new favorite. Or.... why not have some fun and invent a new sandwich yourself and share it with your family. Another great thing to do is find new recipes for sandwich spreads too! A sandwich is not a great sandwich unless it has a fantastic spread on each sides of the bread.

Origin of National Hoagie Day:
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day.
This is referred to as a "National" day. However, we did not find any congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day.
Even though, this is still a holiday to celebrate.

Definition of a hoagie sandwich
A hoagie is a style of sandwich popular in Philadelphia and the surrounding region. It consists of an elongated roll typically packed with a selection of cold lunch meats, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet or hot peppers, oregano, and olive oil.

How is the bread served?
The roll is sliced down its length forming a cradle for the ingredients, somewhat like a hot dog bun. Having originated in the Philadelphia area, Hoagies are now commonly eaten in a wider region including Scranton, Pittsburgh, southern New Jersey, Delaware, and southern Ohio. Hoagies have a resemblance to sub or a hero sandwiches-

The original Hoagie
The original "hoagie" is what is now referred to as an "Italian Hoagie" which includes a variety of traditional Italian lunch meats, including dry salami, mortadella, capicolla, and provolone served with lettuce, tomato and onions with a light vinegar and oil dressing.

History of the Hoagie
Wikipedia tell us that "The Philadelphia Almanac and Citizen's Manual says that “the Centennial made popular the “hokey-pokey man,” a street vendor selling ices, sandwiches, sausages, fresh bread, “zoologicals” (Philadelphia baker Walter G. Wilson’s animal crackers), and small antipasto salad. When Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta “H.M.S. Pinafore” opened in Philadelphia in 1879, bakeries produced a long loaf called the pinafore. Entrepreneurial “hokey-pokey men” sliced the loaf in half, stuffed it with antipasto salad, and sold the world’s first hoagie.”

Professor Domenic Vitiello, professor of Urban Studies at the University of Pennsylvania offers a different explanation of the word's origins: "Italians used to work at the old Navy Yard [in Philadelphia] where they would grab meat, cheese, and lettuce and put it between two slices of bread. The location of the Navy Yard was called Hog Island, so the sandwich eventually became known as the 'Hog Island' sandwich; hence, the 'hoagie'." "

"According to one reference, many older, Italian-descended, South Philadelphia residents, said that the real origin of the word "hoagie" arose in the late 19th-early 20th century, when there was a term "on the hoke" that was used to denote someone who was down-and-out. The word "hoke" may have been derived from a Scottish term, "howk," meaning "rummaging around." Men who were "on the hoke" would ask deli owners for handouts, who would put together scraps and off-cuts of their cheeses and meats and offer them in an Italian roll. The sandwich was known as a "hokie." The Italian immigrants pronounced it as "hoagie."

Official Sandwich of Philadelphia
Former Philadelphia mayor (also once Pennsylvania governor) Ed Rendell declared the hoagie the "Official Sandwich of Philadelphia".

Since the 1960's, the popular usage of the term has expanded in the Philadelphia region to include any sandwich made on a long roll. In other areas of the country, this type of sandwich is referred to as a "Sub" or "submarine sandwich" and also as a "Po-boy". Sub-varieties of the sandwich are named after the principal ingredient.

In other parts of the U.S., calling something a hoagie is more specifically just the Italian Hoagie original.

Most hoagie shops offer single-meat hoagies (for example, ham or salami hoagies) as well as premium hoagies with upscale ingredients: prosciutto, imported Italian lunchmeats (cotechino, mortadella, sopressata, etc.). A popular variant is the grinder or cosmo, which is essentially a hoagie that has been toasted under a broiler.

Around New York City, the term wedge has also been used for this sandwich, and it is cut through the edge lengthwise, not the top like some hot dog buns.

In the Pittsburgh region the term hoagie is used to describe any type of toasted sandwich that is served on a long roll, not just one prepared in the specific manner stated above. This usage is considered a standard feature of Pittsburgh English.

In many areas the default cheese on a hoagie is Provolone, while in others it is white American cheese. Cheese-only hoagies (Provolone, American, or Mixed) replace the meat with extra slices of cheese.

Many takeout shops in Chicago, particularly in African-American neighborhoods on the South Side, sell a "hoagy" (sic.), usually containing steak and other ingredients, with the option of being "heated." They also sell cheesesteak, referred to most often as "Philly Steak."


Types of Sandwiches
Sandwiches come served cold or hot open faced. In fact there are so many different sandwich recipes it would be hard to list them all but we do have a list of the most popular.
visit Types of Sandwiches

How can I Celebrate this holiday?


See Also

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A hoagie sandwich, also known as a sub, grinder, hero, hoagie, Italian sandwich, po' boy, wedge, zep, or torpedo, submarine is a popular Italian American sandwich that consists of an oblong roll, often of Italian or French bread, split lengthwise either into two pieces or opened in a "V" on one side, and filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, spices, and sauces.  photo by: iirraa
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