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Hug A Cat
Celebrate Hug Cat Day
Hug your cat Tshirt
  National Hug your Cat Day!
When is National Hug your cat day?  June 4 / May 30?
Note: We found reference to more than one date for this holiday when searching the Internet.                                                          tell us that May 30th is the correct date but we have also found it listed at many sites as June 4. Chase also says that this holiday is celebrated around the world and is indeed a National Holiday to celebrate!

Why was this holiday created?
We think this holiday was created for the benefit of both the animal and the person. Hugs lead to happiness and happiness lead to well being and well being leads to a longer healthier life for both!

Origin of this Holiday
Our research did not find the creator, or the origin of this day. We did however find that this holiday has been celebrated for years. There is plenty of documentation to support that this holiday does indeed exist and this holiday is celebrated World Wide.

We found recognition about this holiday from:
Calendar sites and personal Internet sites that blog and share information about this holiday.

How is this holiday celebrated?
This holiday is celebrated by spending quality time with you cat on this day- Make it a real cat holiday by devoting a bit of your time to your cat- Give your cat some love and attention- You can bet that your cat will love it and give it right back-

Cat Cookies Recipe
This is an easy version of the cat cookies recipe, this can be a fantastic treat for a cat of any age, and takes less than 30 minutes!

7 ounces mashed sardines
1/4 cup dry non-fat milk
1/2 cup wheat germ

Mix ingredients up. Roll into 24 tiny small balls. Place them on greased cookie sheet. Flatten them with a fork. and bake at 350 degrees until brown. Resource: cat-recipes.blogspot.com


Did you know??
"In 2004, a grave was excavated in Cyprus that contained the skeletons, laid close to one another, of both a human and a cat. The grave is estimated to be 9,500 years old, pushing back the earliest known feline-human association significantly."  Wow!

"In captivity, indoor cats typically live 14 to 20 years, though the oldest known cat lived to age 36. Domesticated cats tend to live longer if they are not permitted to go outdoors (reducing the risk of injury from fights or accidents and exposure to diseases) and if they are neutered. Some benefits of neutering are that castrated males cannot develop testicular cancer, spayed females cannot develop ovarian cancer, and both have a reduced risk of mammary cancer."

See Also
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Great Reading
What does the Bible say about animals and pets in heaven? / Do Pets go to Heaven? / Cat Portal

Resources: This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article pet / and other related pages. Top Photo:taken by gone-ta-pott.com
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Online Greeting Card Site says this "Hey, it's Hug Your Cat Day! So pick up your cute little kitty and give him/her a tight squeeze. Make your pet cat feel really special. Send cute and warm ecards from our site to wish your near and dear ones a whole lot of fun with their cats." see all hug your cat day greetings

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Cats And Hugs
It's a proven fact that hugs from animals and giving hugs to animals will lower a persons blood pressure. Pets have the ability to stimulate their caregivers by decreased stress. There appears to be strong evidence that having a pet can help a person lead a longer, healthier life.

"Choose Life for a Cat today"