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  National Leftovers Day!
When is "National Leftovers Day"?  It's the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States & is shared with Black Friday & Sinkie Day.  )This holiday is considered a Movable Holiday) - Another Weird Holiday that is simular, is National through out your leftovers day which is celebrated on November 29th-

What is this Holiday for?
"Leftovers are the uneaten edible remains of a meal after the dinner is over, and everyone has finished eating. Food scraps that are not considered edible (such as bones or the skins of some vegetables and fruits) are not regarded as leftovers, but rather as waste material; any remaining edible portions constitute the leftovers."

"The ultimate fate of leftovers depends on where the meal was eaten, the preferences of the diner, and the prevailing social culture. Home cooking leftovers are often saved to be eaten later. This is facilitated by being in a private environment, with food preserving facilities such as airtight containers and refrigeration close at hand. Some leftover food can be eaten cold from the refrigerator, while others may be reheated in a microwave or a conventional oven, or mixed with additional ingredients and recooked to make a new dish such as bubble and squeak."

New dishes made from leftovers are quite common in world cuisine
"Many were created in the days before refrigeration and reliable airtight containers existed. Besides capturing nutrition from otherwise inedible bones, stocks and broths make an excellent base for adding leftover morsels too small to be a meal themselves. Casseroles, paella, fried rice, and pizza can also be used for this purpose, and may even have been invented as a means of reusing leftovers. Among American university students, leftover pizza itself has acquired particular in-group significance, to the extent that the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service offers, as its first tip under "Food Safety Tips for College Students", a discussion of the risks of eating unrefrigerated pizza, which are considerable."

Pizza Tips  • Thick Crust Pizza  • Thin Crust Pizza Recipe
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza Facts / Deep Dish Pizza RecipeNational Cheese Pizza Day

Leftovers from a restaurant meal
"may either be left behind to be discarded by the restaurant, or taken away by the diner for later consumption. In order to take the food away, the diner may make a request for it to be packaged. The container used for such leftovers is commonly called a doggie bag or doggy bag; the name comes from the euphemistic pretense that the food will be given to the diner's pet, rather than eaten by a person. Doggy bags are most common in restaurants that offer a take-out food service as well as sit-down meals, and their prevalence as an accepted social custom varies widely by location. In some countries people would frown upon a diner asking for a doggy bag."

"Some cultures regard the leaving of some uneaten food by dining guests as a symbol of satisfaction with the meal, while others consider this to be rude. In some cultures, it is polite to leave a half-bite on the plate in the manner of a libation. It also serves the purpose of indicating that the food provided by the host was sufficient in quantity. Wiping one's plate clean can indicate the opposite (though can also be a sign of satisfaction with the meal), while leaving more food uneaten may be interpreted as a dislike to the food; both are potential signs of impoliteness to one's hosts."

At some holiday meals
"such as Christmas in Western countries and Thanksgiving in the USA, it is customary for the host to prepare much more food than can be eaten, specifically in order to send leftovers home with the guests. Cold turkey is archetypal in the United States as a Thanksgiving leftover, with turkey meat often reappearing in sandwiches, soups, and casseroles for several days after the feast.

The word "ort", meaning a small scrap of food left after a meal is completed, is not commonly heard in conversation, but is frequently encountered in crossword puzzles.

In Australia legislation is being introduced to ban restaurants from handing out doggie bags as it may be unsafe for human consumption if the food is not kept at proper temperatures."

What's one of the best ways to use up
leftovers? We mentioned it above =
Casseroles! "A characteristic method of pre-
paring casserole in the United States and
Canada is to use condensed soup, especially
cream of mushroom soup. Examples for
casseroles that can be prepared in this
manner are tuna casserole (with canned
tuna, cooked pasta, sometimes peas, and
cream-of-mushroom soup) and
green bean casserole (green beans with
cream of mushroom soup, topped with
french fried onions). A similar staple food,
macaroni and cheese, can also be prepared
as a casserole.

Casseroles are a staple at potlucks and
family gatherings.

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This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article  /Leftovers and other related pages. Top Photo: homestead stock
Significant November:
birthflower Flower of the month: Chrysanthemum
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio / The Scorpion, Oct. 24 - Nov. 21. Sagittarius  / The Archer / Nov. 22 - Dec. 21.
Name for the Moon is Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon. Birthstone:  Topaz, Citrine or aquamarine.
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"Bubble and squeak (sometimes just called bubble) is a traditional English dish made with the shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The chief ingredients are potato and cabbage, but carrots, peas, brussels sprouts, and other vegetables can be added. It is traditionally served with cold meat from the Sunday roast, and pickles. Traditionally, the meat was added to the bubble and squeak itself, although nowadays it is more commonly made without meat. The cold chopped vegetables (and cold chopped meat if used) are fried in a pan together with mashed potato until the mixture is well-cooked and brown on the sides."
Full English Breakfast
Fun Food Facts:
Did You Know??
"Sinkie Day"
This unique Holiday has been reserved for the day after Thanksgiving just like "Black Friday" and "Buy Nothing Day"-

When most kitchens are packed full of leftover foods and desserts; it's a day that most people snack over the kitchen sink. (Sinkie Day)

Is this a real holiday?
Yep! Sponsored by the International Assn. of People Who Dine over the Kitchen Sink, www.sinkie.com.
"Your Holiday Directory"