National No Pants Day!
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When is "No Pants Day"?
No Pants Day is occasionally observed in several Western and other countries on: the first Friday in May-

What type of holiday is this?
This holiday falls in the category of • Weird Holiday -
National Holiday  international holiday, • Movable Holiday
Unofficial Holiday

- and is also listed in the most recent holiday list called  "Geek Holidays".
A geek holiday is a holiday that started out mainly celebrated by geeks. Often, they revolve around some sort of mathematical joke or science humor; a few have grown out of inclusion in a fictional work, particularly an online comic.

Recomended Wear for this holiday
The recommended No Pants Day attire is thick, appropriately modest boxer shorts. Other types of underwear, including bloomers, slips, briefs, and boxer briefs all work as well.

In addition to pants, the wearing of other conventional leg coverings, such as skirts, dresses, shorts, and kilts is also discouraged.

Hey don't spend time in jail for indecent exposure now!

Origin of this holiday
The history of No Pants Day is shrouded in mystery. While there are unconfirmed reports that the holiday was celebrated as early as 1985/86, there is no known physical record of the origin or first practice of No Pants Day. The Knighthood of BUH at the University of Texas at Austin is viewed as the principal organizer and advocate of the holiday. Austin, considered the originating city, has celebrated the day since 1997 according to a 1999 flyer. The holiday gets media attention every year, and as a result events celebrating No Pants Day have popped up in cities across the globe. Promoters state that the holiday is about not taking oneself seriously. The holiday is an example of surreal humor, which relies on an absurd situation (in this case, crowds of people walking around wearing no trousers).

In 2002 Improv Everywhere, the NY based performance art group, had their first No Pants day. Since then this has been an annual event for the group, usually occurring in early January and on the subway system of the city.


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How can I Celebrate this holiday?

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May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days. It is also a month within the northern season of spring.

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How is this fun holiday celebrated?
This holiday is celebrated by not wearing any pants (trousers). The use of the word pants is the American English version meaning trousers (the item of clothing covering both legs worn as the outermost garment). According to the FAQ, it is mainly "a fun-filled holiday", but "from the core idea comes so much more":

   "When large groups of people parade around in public without their pants, amazing things are bound to happen." "At the very least, you’ll take your drab, wretched life a little less seriously, at least for one day."