National Relaxation Day
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When is Relaxation Day?
Relaxation Day is always August 15 each and every year.

Are there other Holidays related?
Yes!  August 10 is Lazy Day

Relaxation Day is a day to kick back and do nothing.

Yes the photo above is me just kicking back and doing nothing at all.
I'm letting all the stresses of life just leave me as I let the beautiful day consume and relax me.  Ahhhhhh yes, feel that breeze as it blows past me. There's nothing like it.

Life can be very fast pace at times and we all need a day to celebrate like this one. So go ahead, you can let yourself have this day for yourself. You deserve it. Just kick back and relax. Get rid of that hectic lifestyle if you have one and enjoy this day.

This day provides a day for your mind to rest, a day for dreaming, and a day for doing absolutely nothing. Avoid all stressful activities today. Let your body heal, rest and relax.  Get on a float at the lake and let the smooth waves glide you. Make sure you tie a long rope to your wrist and anchor it to the bank in case you fall asleep.

Our Top ideas for Relaxing Day
Do nothing today, just relax
Spend the day swinging in a swing
Listen to southing & healing music
Spend the day napping in a hammock
Fill the bird feeder and spend a day bird watching
Fill the squirrel feeder and spend a day watching the squirrels eat.
Do a little gardening (no heavy duty work, though)
Spend some time tossing a stick to your dog.
Take pictures of your family, or wildlife
Float around in a pool all day
Spend the day at the beach
Have a picnic in the park
Get on a float at the lake
Take a relaxation class
Take a bubble bath
Read a good book 
Take a boat ride
Go to the  movies
Do some yoga
Go to a Spa
Go fishing

How can I Celebrate this Holiday?

Two Person Jumbo Outdoor Hammock ~ Poly / Cotton with Solid Oak Spreaders
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Bestseller Books
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Hey, it's Sit Back And Relax Day ! Time for you to put your feet up and just chill.
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