National Scavenger Hunt Day

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When is National Scavenger Hunt Day?
National Scavenger Hunt Day is always May 24.

What is a Scavenger Hunt?
A scavenger hunt is a game in which individuals or teams seek to find a number of specific items, or perform tasks, as given in a list. The goal is either to complete the list first, or to complete the list in the most creative manner.
This game is usually played in a manner where what you are searching for requires you to go to certain places, certain homes or certain parts of a location. Scavenger Hunt Games are popular all over the world and are enjoyed by group organizations, at Holidays and fun parties.

Scavenger Hunts can be set up for any age group with any type of theme. There can be Holiday themes such as Halloween or Christmas, there can be food themes such as scavenger hunts for food ingredients as in baking a pie. There can be scavenger hunts pertaining to getting a certain thing accomplished first.

For example: "Pot A Plant Theme"
This would be considered a task game and an item game.
You would be seeking items to perform a small task at the end.
Your list should include all the things to completely pot up a plant. Such as. ... a 1.plant, 2. soil, 3. pot, 4. watering can with water in it, 5. fertilizer. You would have to collect each of these things or find each of these things from different sources. (And NO you cannot buy any from the store, that is cheating). Once your team makes it back with all the items you would then start potting up your plant. Once done, the first team to water the plant would be the winner.

On your mark.... get set.... GO!

For more game ideas, visit our Scavenger Hunt Game page.

What is this Holiday for?
This Holiday is set aside for people around the world to appreciate fun games especially those played in groups and teams. The Scavenger Hunt game helps to build team work and teaches the importance of time since scavenger hunts are usually set to a certain time limit. You must be quick!  It also teaches us all to use our imaginations and come up with some ingenious fun scavenger hunt ideas.

Are there other related Holidays to celebrate? Yes!
Visit Weird & Wacky Holidays.


Recurring scavenger hunts
One of the largest and most famous scavenger hunts is the University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt.  The University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt (or Scav Hunt) is an annual four-day team-based scavenger hunt held at the University of Chicago in May. It is often called the largest scavenger hunt in the world.

During Scavenger Hunt, teams compete to acquire items off a list of approximately 300 items, with each item assigned a point value and evaluated by a panel of judges. Items involve performances, construction, arts and crafts, research, travel and finding obscure objects. Lists typically include at least one item that takes place on the University's main quadrangles while students are in class, a party on Friday night, a cross-country road trip, an item encouraging team members to donate blood, and Scav Olympics, which includes original games and athletic competitions.

  Internet scavenger hunt
Internet scavenger hunts are becoming more common for educational and entertainment purposes. YouTube users have suggested a number of video scavenger hunts, and Wikipedia has its own scavenger hunt.

Source: wikipedia


How can I Celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day?


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