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Hello everyone!
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What is
Gone-ta-pott is "An Entertainment Directory like No Other!" and... the ONLY Entertainment Directory on the Internet of its kind!  We offer many different types of Advertising Options as part of our Directory website and our Newsletter!

What is an Entertainment Directory?
An Entertainment Directory is a Fun place where any age group can come and search out Internet Entertainment.  A Directory of "Family Safe Sites!"  A Directory of your Links that viewers can click on to take them to your fun site or your fun page that you have advertised and listed with us.  Our Directory makes it fun to search!

What Type Of Entertainment?
Just about anything & everything you can think of except porno!  If you have a website or a fun page about any of these things listed below, then you can purchase Ad Spot with us.  If we don't have a page for what your entertainment subject is.....we will ad it.  Its that simple. (smileeeee)  We have many different "Directory" pages and many different "Theme Pages" where we can place your link. is a "Family Safe Site" so that means-
No sexual content; illicit drugs or narcotics; politics; anti-government/anti-american sentiment; gambling/casino; sweepstakes or hunting sites please. We promised our sponsors that we wouldn't do that, so therefore we can't allow it. Thank You for your understanding.

What Catagory spots are available to me to choose from if I advertise in your Monthly Newsletter? Our newsletter is about anything and everything that has to do with Entertainment. Just about any fun subject is allowed to be advertised in our newsletter.

One Word Button Ads
50 letter sentence link
Joke of the month
Article of the month
Website Review
Featured Site of the month
Classified Ads
My Gone-ta-pott Day!
Crafts, Hobbies & Art
Headline News
The Wild and the Weird!
Marketing Tips
Garden Tips
Home Tips
Game Fun!

Our Online Newsletter Ad Costs:
See Our Newsletter Guide to walk you through. has an online newsletter that we publish once a month.  Once published, this newsletter is Archived for 12 months from our site so visitors can read the past issues for 12 months solid.  This means that your ad will not only be available for the month you paid for, but will be available for the whole 12 months as long as you don't have a dead link.  Keep in mind that you are paying for ONLY a 1 month ad and we do not have to keep this newsletter available after 30 days.  This is just an added bonus to you and your marketing so keep your link alive.

  1. One Word Link

  2. One Sentence Link

  3Gone-ta-pott Day!
           Tell us the short but true story of your best, (or should I say                           worst) Gone-ta-pott Day!  What is a Gone-ta-pott Day?  Its a day                   where absolutely nothing went right at all.  A day thats just
           goneeee-taaaa-potttt!  Place a resource box at the bottom of the                   story for Authors name and links to your website.
A Resource Box looks like this:
Author: Pamela Svoboda
owner and webmaster of
"An Entertainment Newsletter like No Other!"

       Note: We like ads like these because they tend to ad character and               fun to any website or newsletter.  As you know, our site is an                          entertainment site and the name of our newsletter and website is                 Gone-ta-pott.  Our visitors make a special trip to our site just to read           our monthly "Gone-ta-pott Days" for fun!  So, as you can see..... this is         our gimmick ads spots that we offer.  If picked, this Ad also has a                  chance of being featured in our yearly Gone-ta-pott Day webpage.
If you do not have a website to advertise and you are one of our readers checking out this page..... You too can be part of the fun!  Just email us your worst "Gone-ta-pott Day."   We will not charge you at all because you would not be adding a clickable link.  We would still want the Authors information.  Name and where your from. This is what makes our newsletter fun.  Everyone can be a part!
  See an example on our "Guide" page.

4. Medium Paragraph Ad
         Example: Pie Fun For Everyone - Our website is full of                                  everything that has to do with pies! Pie baking pie making and pie               decorateing.  We have big pies and fat pies and even all gone pies.               We cook pies here for all occasions too, we even teach you all the                 tricks of not being late for school.  We have recipes for real pies and            pattern for fake pies and we even have some paper fruit too!

  4.  Website Review
        Write  your own Website Review! Knowbody knows your                      website better than you do so write about it.  Tell every single                        things that it has to offer to the readers.  Website Reviews are one                of the best ways to get people to click on your websites link too.                    Remember!!!  You must write it like a review reads! Don't use the                  words "our site has"  or "in our site" or "find it at our site."  Your                     Website Review must use words like "at their site" or "in their site"                or "find it at their site."

What Do I Do Now?
How Do I Pay?

Step 1 - Make your ad selections.

Step 2 -Write your ads or article or buttons that you want us to set.

Step 3 -Send an email to with your ad information on it. Plus where in our site you would like your ad, buttons or articles placed.  Its important for you to be clear in your email about if you are wanting your ad to be in our website or in our Monthly Newsletter. Why? Because many times we offer the same ad link options for both.  I cant tell you how many time we have to email our readers back to ask them this question. Also, please make sure you list all of your contact information on your email for our book-keeping records!  Name, address, email address etc. Your information is completely private and we will never contact you unless we have a question about the ad you are placeing. 

Step 3 - We will look over your ad information and email you back with a verification of $Cost that compairs to the list here and on our Advertising Rates page.  The email that we send you will be an itemized invoice from paypal, our payment processor.  Now don't let that scare you.  The invoice is NOT a contract.  It just lets you know the cost and if you are interested you can pay for the ads through our paypal invoice link.  If you're no longer interested, just REPLY to the invoice with "No Thank You" and we will delete your invoice.  It's not hard at all.

After you purchase advertising,
please send an email to:
You will receive confirmation of your payment.

Thank You!
Working together and helping each other is the only way to succeed in the Internet Business.  We help you by designing unique & entertaining pages that our readers want to return to again and again.
You help us by filling our pages with excellent website links for our readers to click on. Together we make Internet Business!
Thank You Webmasters!

All ads must comply with the guidelines, policies and laws of the Federal Trade Commission ( We retain the right to edit or refuse any and ALL types of ads. We encourage substantiation and documentation of all claims made. No hate, racial, spam, illegal, or adult related content permitted.

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