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Gone-ta-pott Newsletter!
October 2005
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Letter From the Webmaster

Helloooo it's meeeee Pam!
It's time for another Gone-ta-pott newsletter!
Are you ready for a goulishhhh good time of Entertainment?

It's October gang and all the gouls and goblins are starting to show themselves!  Halloween is a real fun time for me. I just love it!  I have my jack-o-lanterns (electric one's) already sitting on the fireplace mantel and  I have my big spider already climbing up the wall by the front door.  (giggle)  It's triditional for me to make Witche's Stew and Witche's Brew each and every Halloween so naturally I'm not going to break the tridition.  If you keep reading the newsletter I will share with you my recipe for the stew (I have it featured as a Hillbilly Recipe)  and if you would like to get the recipe for the Witches Brew just go to our "Spooky Drinks" section. 

We are added something new to our website this month .  If you have surfed through our pages, you may have noticed the Hot Links at the bottom of some pages.  Webmasters will like to Advertise with us through this part of our website because their ad will be randomly rotated with a maximum total pool of 16 ads. 4 are displayed per page, so their ad will appear on at least 1 out of every 4 pages on which ads are displayed- once we get them all placed.  Plus, our Directory has over 300 pages.... so that means their link will show on at least 75 pages at once!!!   AdEngage is the free ad management software used by this site to manage all the Hot Link Ads for us.

We get emails from webmasters asking us if there is any way that they could advertise in our site even if they are not an entertainment site.  Unfortunately in the past that has been a real issue for us because we mostly accepted entertainment ads because our site is "An Entertainment Directory."  We're real excited about these added Hot Links because webmasters can now advertise here in this section no matter what the subject matter of their website is. (Family Safe that is)  So now we can please both entertainment and non entertainment sites.  This is a good business move for us because were now offering what viewers have asked for.  yipppp eeeeeee!

Now after you finish reading our newsletter, you may want to continue the Halloween fun by visiting our Halloween Home site map.

Enjoy our newsletter & Happy Halloween!   Pam
Why was the skeleton afraid to cross the road? It had no guts.
How do witches keep their hair in place while flying? With scare spray.
What did Dracula say when he kissed his vampire girlfriend? Ouch.
How do monsters tell their future? They read their horrorscope.
What do you get when you cross a werewolf and a vampire? A fur coat that fangs around your neck.
Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they eat the fingers separately.
Why don't skeletons ever go out on the town? Because they don't have any body to go out with.
What do ghosts add to their morning cereal? Booberries.
What do zombies like to eat at a cook out? Halloweenies.
What is a vampire's favorite sport?

Visit our "Joke Center" to read a new joke every single day!  You can even read the ongoing comit strip "Down to Earth."
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HillBilly Recipe of the Month!
Guest Article of the Month!

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween
by: James Kelly

Children aren't the only ones who should be closely monitored on
Halloween. The holiday can be a scary and dangerous time for your
pet as well.

By following some simple tips you can keep your pet safe and
comfortable without infringing on the family fun:

1. Don't put costumes on your pets unless they are used to it.
Wearing clothing can make pets uncomfortable and even sick.

2. Candy is for humans and not for their furry friends.

3. Chocolate is toxic to animals. It can make them very sick.
Make sure that the "after Halloween" candy is put away so your
pet can�t get it--especially the chocolate. We hear from owners
every year of pets they had to take to the emergency room because
they managed to find the candy and eat it. Give them a pet treat

4. If you know or suspect your pet has eaten some Halloween candy
contact your veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. Some candies, especially
chocolate, can be life threatening. If you can�t reach your
veterinarian you can call the ASPCA�s Poison Control Center 24
hours a day, 365 days a year at (888) 426- 4435.

Caution: A $50 consultation fee may be applied to your credit

5. Costumes may look strange to people, but just imagine what
they look like to a dog or cat. Animals aren't used to seeing
that kind of thing, and it could frighten them. So, it's best not
take them trick or treating.

6. If your pet isn�t good with strangers, it�s best to put him in
a separate room away from the door, so he won�t be bothered by
the presence of strangers.

7. If your pet is going to be free in the house, with the door
being opened repeatedly, there is more of a chance that your pet
can get outside. So, remember to make sure he is wearing his
license tags. That way, if he does get away, there is a better
chance of getting him back home sooner.

James Kelly is the owner of Travelin Pets, a web site
specializing in providing information and quality products for
traveling pets and their owners.

Visit his website at:

Constant Content
A website where you will be able to find text to complete your website or project. This is a place to locate high-quality content at affordable prices.  Download Articles, Tutorials, Product Reviews, and all types of content that you can add to your website.
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This months "Picture Pair Game."
We created this simple game just for our readers enjoyment and it's only found on our website.  We have been shocked at how many hits this simple game gives our site.  It only takes a couple of minutes to play but its loved by everyone.  We forgot to put the link in one of our previous newsletters and we received many emails saying..... "Heyyyy where did the Picture Pair Game go!"  ha ha ha ha!  So from now on we are making sure the link is included in all of our newsletters.  Our readers tell us that they look forward to playing this little game and it's turned out to be a very popular page for such a simple game!  
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We would like to thank everyone for being a part of our monthly newsletter.  Many readers write us and ask for us to do a weekly newsletter.  At this time we are unable to do that so we will have to stick to once a month.  :) Our readers write us and ask us why?  Well..... you see we offer Advertising in our Directory website and it takes a lot of our time to place links, check links and send out invoices.  But we will keep it in mind. :)
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Have a fantastic week everyone!  We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Your Internet Friend, Pam

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Ok everybody, lets see how good your memory is.  Do you remember the picture at the top of the page?  Well lets just see how good your memory really is!
Get your pen and paper out.

1.   There were at least 7 things sitting on the table. What were they?
2.   What was the article about that was on the back of the man's newspaper?
3.   Where did you see a number at in the picture?
4.   What was the number?
5.   There were 3 pairs of the same thing in the picture.... what were the 3 things?
6.   What had the man just finished doing at the table?

Scroll back up to the top and check your answers.
How to carve a pumpkin
Thank You
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This months Featured Halloween Recipes
Crusty Crud
Dead Mens Bones
Halloween Spider Webs
Bleeding Cupcakes

FOOD GIGGLES -  Life has gone to pott when...........
When you roast your weenies over a makebelieve fire.

Howdyyyy Folks!  I'm here ta tell ya bout Maws recipe fer this month.
Weuns likes turnip greens a lot. Maw likes ta make up a big ole pot ah Black Soup escecially at Halloween time.  Ya see, Maw tells all the youngons dat its witches stew cause the soup is so dog gone black and ugly.  So furr this month Maw shares her recipe furr Black Soup.  Maw says it taste best if youins cook it in a big black cast iron pot over ah fire.
Hillbilly Black Soup / or Witches Stew
by: Pamela Price Svoboda/

Note:  City folks dont likes eatin Hillbilly Black Soup a talll.  City folks cant see what's in the soup cause it's so black so they jess stick their noses up at it.  Weeins here on da mountain juss loves it and weins loves it even better when we got a big ohe chuck ah cornbread and ah onion. 

5 hand fulls ah collards or turnip greens or / 3 cans
2 big handfulls ah chicken gizzards or livers / possum / city folk can use beef stew meat
2 handfulls ah mountain mushrooms or / 2 cans ah whole buttons
1 cup ah dry pinto beans or / 1 can pinto
1 cup ah dry black beans or / 1 can
1 big fat onion chopped
2 more cups ah anythang dark and ugly that youins can eat
1 chopped tater if youins wants or 1 cup of instant potatoes
pore bacon greese in acordin ta taste and a big spoon ah butter
simmer ferr 6 hours.

Take your gizzards, liver or beef stew meet and fry up in a pan ta get it crispy.  Add chopped onions on top ah it. Fry some more. Once lookin good, dump it in a big pot ah 6 cups ah water dats boiling.  Now dump all dat there other stuff on the list in da pot.  When it all comes to ah boil, turn down and let simmer ferr 6 hours.  Now- right before servin, pore youins some bacon greese in and a big spoon ah butter.  Now pore youins some instant taters in ta make the stew gravy thick.
Condumint: 1 fat onion sliced wit salt pored on top.
1 big pone ah cornbread
milk 1 goat furr drinkin

Note: If your using this recipe as a Halloween meal, make sure you use whole button mushrooms.  The mushrooms look just like eyeballs floating in the blackish gravy.  It's great fun to tell all your little goblins that its eyeballs and guts.  hehehehehe
For a even better visual effect, make sure you use some whole spinach leaves in the soup so it looks disgusting!  Believe it or not this soup is absolutely delicious!  Ugly but delicious.
Hey...... that's the idea right.  Have fun and Happy Halloween!
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Halloween Face Paint

Make Your Own!

1 Teaspoon cornstarch
1/2 Teaspoon water
1/2 Teaspoon cold cream (borrow some from Grammas jar)
2 Drops food coloring (any color - green is good!)

Preparation :
In a small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, mix well.
Have Fun!