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  What is a Potion?
Potion Disclaimer!
Please keep in mind that our Directory is for helping you research a subject matter and we are in no way promoting the use of potions.  "Potions can be dangerous!" Please use our Directory for project research and educational purposes only.  Potions contain herbs and things that may be harmful to pregnant women, or types of medical conditions... Potions /holistic medicine / alternative medicine should be researched and studied fully before ingesting any liquid  potion.

"In the beginning."
How and Why were Potions used?"
Many years ago “Potions” were made by using herbs, plants, bark, roots, seeds and other materials from the land for a specific purpose, whether it was a practical use such as in cooking a meal potion, or used for a healing drinkable potion. Some potions were made as healing salves such as an herbalist in the modern day would make. In days gone by, the title "Herbalist" was not used nor was the term "Holistic Medicine."  Years ago the titles that were given to potion makers were witch doctor, witches, healers, shamen, village healers, community midwives, or medicine man usually referring to an Indian. Most of what we know as potions of the past is what we now call folk medicine. Some folk medicine was done with a bit of a twist.  Meaning..... depending on who you were, many potions required you to do something else to make it work like a ritual or spell if that was your belief.

Years ago you didn't have 10 doctors and 30 nurses in each town like you do today and you didn't have a local pharmacy to go get headache tablets from either.  On that same note you can't get the latest potion that would ~get someone off your back~ at the local pharmacy either.

Note: The title "Herbalist" was not used years ago like it is today.
Nor was the term "Holistic Medicine."

Back in the old days folks relied on good old fashioned, time tested folk remedies which are still used today. Old potion recipes were handed down from generation to generation from potion makers from years ago and most of these very same potions are still used today.  We know now this referred to as alternative medicine or holistic medicine.

  Many times potions are magical as in hallucinogenic's used to open the mind to perform difficult magic.  Also sometimes associated with what was once know as witchcraft, spell casting (and or spellcaster) which sometime had the use of amulets and charms.

Note: There are still people all over the world who have the gift of magic who can cast spells and are very experienced with potion making.  All who study this great art is not always good and they do not always use it for the good of others.  We must make note that.... In this modern day we hear the term "Wiccan" more and more.  Often Wiccan's are thought of as evil which is a great misconception.

"The Spooky following of Potions and why."
Long before we had pharmacies like CVS and Rite-Aid which are now found in all towns, villagers and communities depended on potions from the local Native American Indian or from a potion maker who most likely lived deep in the woods.  Potion Makers, Medicine men, witch doctors and herbalists naturally had to live in the middle of no where, where they could gather the supplies to make their potions and medical salves.  Naturally the best place for this was in the forest or mountains or in places that were not common to most people.  After all.... there were no such thing as the local herbal stores like we have today.  These places often seemed lonely and spooky to say the least.  Not to mention the fact that it all seemed like magic to most people who were not aware of the pharisaical side of using healing herbs, plants, nature and the land to make our lives better.  Today we know them as herbalists that are involved in natural healing /and or holistic medicine and they no longer have to live deep in the woods now either.

"Why were potion makers perceived as ugly scary people?"
Because in the old days they actually were.
Many times if it was a woman who had the gift of herbs, you can bet that she was automatically named a Witch by someone who didn't understand her abilities.  Witches... we will call them - who lived in the woods most likely looked pretty haggard since they had to live the hard life in the mountains.  They spent most of their time searching and forging for roots and herbs to cook their potion concoctions up with.

If you were to walk up on a potion maker while hunting in the woods..... more often than none you would find them dirty from crawling around in the dirt and most likely with a few torn places in their clothing from crawling under brier patches and bush brush.  Potion makers would never wear their best clothes while they were out on their forging days anyway. 
Often times you would see them with a string of animal bones that they collected from their long day that would be strapped and dangling from their back. (see below for one reason they collected bones)  Normally potion makers would also have a large leather pouch that was put across their shoulders that they carried little bottles in.  They took small bottles or small leather pouches with them so they would have something to put their herbs, roots, moss and mush in.

If you happened to run up on a person that looked like this it would most likely give you the willies!  Why would it give shivers up your spine??  Because.... we all know that these people would deal with many different types of people coming to them for many different types of needs.  Such reasons as getting potions for love, potions to be healed and even potions that would kill as well.  Just thinking about having to visit a potion maker was a scary thing for most people and most people in need would try to do it in secret.  This is one of the reasons why potion makers of the past has such bad reputations.

Many people didn't want others to know why they were seeking out a potion maker so they would search them out by sneaking through the woods and lurking back until the coast was clear; until they could knock on their door.  When a person is hiding in the forest waiting for their turn.... it would have to be a pretty un-nerving experience.  Big cauldrons would be simmering and many times simmering outside, bones would be piled up and herbs would be hanging to dry.  The smell around the place would be full of uncommon smells if the potion maker was in the middle of his or her work.

"Bone Soup"
Although this is a Soup-
this was also considered a healing potion many many years ago
Today it is considered a healing meal by holistic medicine.

To read all about it and find out what you need.... Click Here

Witches, Healers and Potions
Now..... if you were a real practicing healer or witch....
you would say a spell or prayer with this potion most likely.  Also..... the types of herbs placed in this soup would all be a part of a healing potion.  Herbs are an important part of modern day witches that we know of today and herbs have extremely powerful healing powers. Spells and blessings placed upon the simmering cauldron would be part of a witches process and a ritual over the caldron of soup would possibly take place as well.  Being a great cook is not all there is to it.  Having said that.... it must also be said that not all people who have the knowledge of healing by cooking up potions or making salves; are all "witches".  If fact, many of them are NOT witches at all but have the gift of knowing what to do and when to do it, but because of this gift that most relate to being mysterious and dark- they are given the title
"they must be a witch."

"Definition of a Love Potion."
A food, drink or drug that is said to stimulate sexual desire.
Examples: oysters, ginseng.  -  Sexually exciting or arousing.

"Types of Potions"
Love Potions  /  Witches Potions  /  Healing Potions  /  Spell Potions
Broom Potions  /  Meal Potions  /  Poison Potions  /  Wiccan Spells

Potion Related Products

for more research you can goggle
herbalism, ancient healer, modern healer, kitchen witch, cottage witch, green witch, white witch, wicca, to learn more about modern day potions.

Before you start brewing your herbs and Leaves
Make sure you know all you need, lest someone grieves

Herbs can Heal, but also do Harm
Their powers are great and work like a charm

So be careful with the amount of knowledge you have
Only make safe potions, lotions and salves
author: unknown

I'm not a witch but no one can tell

I'm not a witch but no one can tell
because I still have all my herb books and ale.
I fashion my potions to help those feel better
but many consider me evil and scattered.

Soups, brews, lotions and salves -
I make all of these  just by using all plants.
My knowledge of picking, crushing and drying,
then caldroning it up until its ready for bottling.

I'm not a witch but no one can tell
My garden grows greener than any oh well.
My herbs are all flourishing and producing my tools
my mortar and pestle is working to brew.

Clipping, cutting and wrapping in red ribbon
I give you a gift of the magic, I'm willing.
Tinctures and poring. Directions for use.
stepping and steaming are all of good use.

I'm not a witch but no one can tell
plants are a bounty and healing prevails.

written by: Pamela Price Svoboda


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Definition of a Potion
1.) A liquid or liquid mixture, especially one that is..... medicinal, poisonous, or magical. Therefore it is a drinkable medicine or poison. 2.)  A potion is an herbal tea prepared during the appropriate lunar phase and made with herbal ingredients possessing the correct magickal properties.