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Controls: Use mouse to click on the board where you want to place your disk. Available moves are marked by red dots.
The game: Black always moves first. If on your turn you cannot outflank and flip at least one opposing disc, your turn is forfeited and your opponent moves again.
A disc may outflank any number of discs in one or more rows in any number of directions at the same time - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. (A row is defined as one or more discs in a continuous straight line).
The game is over when it is no longer possible for either player to move.

This version of the game is based on Java game, written by Roxanne Canosa.
Game Reversi also known as Othello.  Othello is a registered trademark of Tsukuda Original, licensed by Anjar Company, copyright 1973, 1990 Pressman Toy Corporation.