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The 1st Sunday in July is Build a scarecrow day!
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Definition of a scarecrow
That which frightens or is intended to frighten without doing physical harm.  Literally that which - scares away crows, hence the name scarecrow.

Everything about Scarecrows
Scarecrows have been in our history for centuries.  The first finding about scarecrows were back in the 1500's and even back to the ancient times of the Romans and Greeks when putting what they called harvest Gods out to watch over the fields was the norm.  People from Japan even made scarecrows out of oily material and fish bones and attached it to tall wooden stakes to help protect their rice fields.  So as you can see, putting scarecrows on stakes has long been in practice for many years and in many different countries.

Scarecrows first started out
as a means for farmers to protect their crops and gardens from the harm that birds such and the crow, could do.  Birds could do a lot of damage by eating up the fruits, vegetables and grains that the farmers had planted therefore a means had to be invented to help the crops.  So the Scarecrow was invented!

The scarecrow had a purpose
and an important one back in the old days.  In this day and time the scarecrow is not only used in our gardens for a practical purpose but it is put there for the whimsical and fun look that it gives our gardens. The scarecrows rough and ragged appearance can be fun and funny or it can be scary in hopes of protecting our food that's growing in our gardens.  The Scarecrow is one of the most familiar figures not only in the United States but throughout Europe and many other countries of the world.  The scarecrow has worldwide popularity.

Decorating with a Scarecrow
In the fall, when the air is cool and the leaves begin to get crisp, you will always find door steps and front porches protected by the fun scarecrow.  It is so popular that seeing a home without a scarecrow is actually unusual.  Kids and adults both love to build scarecrows and it has to be one of the greatest family projects that any family could ever think of sharing.  In fact many families make the scarecrow part of a yearly tradition when it comes to making them.

Create your own Scarecrow
Making your very own scarecrow to sit on your front porch for the fall season is a very easy thing to do.  The main thing you need is old clothes that you don't mind getting wet or stained from the harsh elements outside.
Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt
This has got to be my all time favorite scavenger hunt games that I came up with many years ago!  This game has a scarecrow theme and not only are you trying to locate items to build a scarecrow but your team actually has to build the scarecrow as well.  It's a two race game where your racing to find the items and then your racing to build the scarecrow completely.  The first team to find all the items on the list; build the scarecrow and actually get the scarecrow completed and standing; would be the winner.  This game is perfect for adults and young adults and even those people on the sidelines get a big laugh at watching the teams try and figure out how to assemble the scarecrows.

Scarecrow Scavenger List ideas

Setting up the game

To read more about Scavenger Hunts visit our
Scavenger Hunt Page

written by: Pamela Price Svoboda
Copyright 2004-2007 - - All rights reserved.

Scavenger Hunt Books


Crow's Feet
The crinkles at the corners of our eyes as we age is called crow's feet.  Crow's Feet are caused from years and years of squinting and smiling.  In modern times this is treated with botox injections but in years gone by it was treated with honey.  Yes honey is a folk remedy from the past.

Honey has been used for many different things and it even dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used it as a beauty aid.  Even now you can apply honey as a mask just like they did and let it moisturize your face.  Honey is used all over the body to moisturize as well.  Just smooth the honey over your skin, leave it there for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse it off with warm water.  It will leave your face and skin very soft and moisturized.

Gingerbread Scarecrows
2 cups of flour
1 1/2 tsp of ground ginger
1 tsp of all spice
1 tsp of baking powder
1 tsp of baking soda
1/2 cup of soften butter
1/2 cup of molasses
1 large egg yolk

Icing, food color,gingerbread man cookie cutter, shredded wheat
cereal(to make it look a scarecrow paste with icing on arms,feet and
head if you desire) candy and anything else you can think of.....

Bake at 350 for 8 mins or until firm

In a medium size bowl mix together all dry ingredients (execpt butter)
set a side
In a large bowl beat sugar and butter with a eletric mixer until fluffy
Beat in molasses then egg yolk on low spead..gradually adding the
flour mixture
Divide dough in to to two balls, wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 3

National Build A Scarecrow Day

Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to Plan, Create, and Give Them! (Paperback)
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