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In honor of  Halloween, this page is dedicated to traditional Halloween foods.

Easy to make
Skull sandwiches are perfect at Halloween, perfect for skeleton theme parties and especially perfect for Pirate Parties. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are every kids favorite right! I think we all grew up on it. So this year why not sneak a skull sandwich in the lunch box and surprise your kids or your better half with a fun skull sandwich in honor of your special day or holiday.
Sandwich Bread:
A skull is always white so use white bread so it will look more like a skull. If you are making a pirate skull all you need to do is place a patch over one eye made out of food or a fruit roll up.

Shape your bread:
You can cut the bread free handed with a knife if you want or if you think that you need more help then a large skull cookie cutter works great.  If you don't have a skull cookie cutter then follow this link to a source for hard to find cookie baking supplies.  When cutting the slice of bread cut off 3 sides of crust. Leave the crust on the bottom where the teeth will be.  Oh yes..... don't forget to cut the 2 slits at the bottom to represent the teeth.

Peanut Butter:
You can use plain or chunky either one. Hey why not even make your own homemade peanut butter?  Spread evenly on one slice of skull bread.

Jam or Jelly:
You can use any flavor of jam or jelly that you like. The most popular used for skull sandwiches is strawberry or cherry. It's very common for skull eyes to be red so using the red jam makes it look great. The more jelly you use the more it will ooze out the eyes. Spread evenly on one slice of skull bread

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The Skull Sandwich
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This great photo is by:  Alan Trotter  from flickr  / license