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You already meet my cat "Smokey Dumpster"
on the "My Cat Smokey" page.
You are reading
"Be Entertained by our Directory!"
Lost Love Found Love
Smokey had been very sad for about a month after the death of his companion "Pretty".  Pretty helped raise him and they had many happy years playing and tumbling around.  Pretty unfortunately had Cat Leukemia and poor Smokey lost her to the disease.  When this happened we didn't know how to make him feel better.  He stopped eating and he stopped playing for about 4 weeks.  We tried everything to pull him out of his depression but nothing was working.

One day this very ugly skinny cat jumped up in the kitchen window and just wouldn't shut up meowing.  Smokey heard her and he came to investigate.  She meowed and meowed and meowed.  Smokey jumped up in the window sill to look at her.  The first day he just looked and smelled her through the window screen.

The second day this skinny ugly short haired cat came and jumped up in the window again.  This time Smokey jumped up there and started talking to her.  They meowed and talked for hoursssss that day.

The third day.... yes she came back again.  They meet at the window and talked and smelled each other again.  This time they were rubbing on the window screen letting their fur touch each other.  This was the happiest we had seen Smokey in weeks.

The 4th day- Smokey stayed at the window all day long waiting for her but she never came.  He never moved from the spot all day.  When it came time to go to bed.  We took Smokey from the window and put him in the bed with us like we always did.  Smokey usually would curl up in our arms and go to sleep.  This time he was very unsettled.  He jumped out of bed and went back to the window where he stayed watching all night long.

A week passed and there was still no sign of the young female cat.  A huge thunderstorm came up and I noticed Smokey was sitting in the window and he was soaking wet!  I shut the kitchen window to keep the rain from coming in and dried him off.  I said Smokey why on earth were you sitting and letting the rain blow all over you?  I dried him off and went to find some candles because our electricity always had a habit of going off in a thunderstorm.   To my surprise Smokey came running to me and meowed.  He kept meowing like he does when he thinks he's getting a nice smellie can of can cat food.  I said..... what is it Smokey?  I was thinking that the storm was scaring him so I picked him up and cuddled him.  He wiggled and squirmed and didn't want any part of being held.  He jumped out of my arms and ran straight to the kitchen.  I followed him to see why he was in such a rush.  To my surprise there she was!  The young female cat was soaked to the bone and frantic at the window.  Smokey was frantic as well and seemed to be begging me to let her in.  Well.... I ran to the back door and in the whipping rain and wind she came running in.  Smokey was happy.  He even stroked her fur and helped to lick her fur dry.  I was shocked.

The storm was over and out the female cat went.  We only allowed Smokey in the house and now we knew he was starting to have a window sill courtship with her.  One day the female cat was outside screaming and screaming and I could hear it from the other end of the house.  I suppose she was in heat because it was 2 large cats after her that she was trying to fight off.  I quickly shoved the door open to go and scat off the 2 male cats that we trying to mate with her.  When I opened the door, out ran Smokey as fast as he could go.  He ran through my legs, down the steps and through the yard.  He jumped one male cat and they started tumbling and tumbling.  I was horrified.  My Smokey was in a fight!  Smokey whipped that cat something awful and the male cats ran off. 

While this was going on.... the young female cat ran under the truck and was hiding behind a wheel.  Smokey came back across the yard strutting.  Yes I said strutting.  He had saved him girlfriend and he was feeling mighty big right now.  I wouldn't of believed it if I hadn't of saw it for myself but Smokey marched himself under the truck and gave her a nose to nose kiss.  He then rubbed her fur with his and I guess he told her to come with him because out from under the truck they both came..... trotting together..... passed me in the yard...... up the back door steps....  then in the back door Smokey took her.  My mouth flew wide open.  I ran inside and Smokey took her to his favorite sleeping spot and they cuddled up together.   I knew I had to let him have her because she made him so happy again.  This female cat healed Smokey from his depression and gave him animal companionship again which was what he needed all along.
Smokey is in love!
Let me introduce you to Smokey's girlfriend "Mrs. Kitty."
Ms. Kitty is the love of his life and he spends hours each day just snuggeling up to her.  She is madly in love with him as well.  They give each other baths and talk all the time.
Mrs. Kitty has babies!  See their page Here
Mrs. Kitty is in love!  See their page Here
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