Southern Beverages!
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The cuisine of the Southern United States is defined as the regional culinary form of states generally south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and extending west to Texas.

Sweet tea - usually served with lemon and sometimes with mint. See National Iced Tea Month for       recipes & facts.
Tennessee whiskey - Jack Daniel's and George Dickel are the two remaining brands
Bourbon - made in central Kentucky
Muscadine wine - usually a homemade product
Lemonade - See National Lemonade Day for recipe & facts.
Mint julep - associated with the annual Kentucky Derby horse race
Sugarcane juice
Some rum is produced locally
Coca-Cola - first made in Atlanta, Ga.
Pepsi Cola - first made in New Bern, North Carolina
Blenheim Ginger Ale
Buffalo Rock ginger ale
Cheerwine - a longtime favorite among North Carolinians and Virginians
Orange juice from Florida
Orange Nehi
R.C. Cola - first made in Columbus, Georgia
Double Cola - based in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Barq's Root Beer - first made in Biloxi, Mississippi
Dr Pepper - a popular drink in Texas before it achieved national standing
Grapico - grape soda made by Buffalo Rock
Mountain Dew - originally made in southwestern Virginia
Sun Drop - citrus drink found in northern Alabama, central Tennessee, the Carolinas, western Kentucky, southeastern Missouri, and parts of Virginia

Traditional Southern Food Dishes
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List of Southern vegetables and salads
Southern Breakfast Food
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List of Southern soups and stews
List of Southern Beverages
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List of Southern Pies


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